Norse, feminine form of Eric
"eternal ruler"

Erica Origin and Meaning

The name Erica is a girl's name of Scandinavian, Norse origin meaning "eternal ruler".

The straightforward Erica is a Norse feminization that was long associated with the complex, mega-popular character Erica Kane, played by Susan Lucci for decades on the soap opera All My Children. Used in Scandinavia since the early eighteenth century, where it was usually spelled Erika, it was in the Top 50 girls' list in the USA in the 1970s and eighties.

It is worth noting that Erica is also a flower name, in which sense it is its own name, rather than a feminisation.

The most prominent bearer of the name in recent times is novelist Erica Jong, author of the influential Fear of Flying.

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Famous People Named Erica

  • Erica JongAmerican author
  • Erica HubbardAmerican actress
  • Erica DuranceCanadian actress
  • Erica Louise (Baxter) PackerAustralian singer and model
  • Erica Jennifer FernandesIndian actress
  • Erica Lara RoseAmerican swimmer
  • Erica TremblayCanadian actress
  • Erica CampbellAmerican model
  • Erica Monique AtkinsCampbell, American singer
  • Erica LindbeckAmerican voice actress
  • Erica Ruth HillAmerican TV journalist
  • Erica LuttrellCanadian actress
  • Erica Simone BarnettAmerican Broadway actress
  • Erica PereiraAmerican ballerina
  • Erica CarrollCanadian actress
  • Erica Westerartist and creator of 2013 short film "Welcome to Hell" and the comic of the same name
  • Erica Andrews (born Eddie Salazar)Mexican drag and beauty queen

Erica in Pop Culture

  • Erica Sinclaircharacter in Netflix show, "Stranger Things"
  • Erica Kanecharacter on American soap "All My Children"
  • Erica Hahncharacter on TV's "Grey's Anatomy"
  • Erica Bingdaughter of Chandler and Monica on TV's "Friends;" twin of brother Jack
  • Erica Harringtoncharacter in the "Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls" series
  • Erica Stoltzcharacter in movie "The Yards"
  • Erica Jonescharacter from "My Babysitter's a Vampire"
  • Erica Goldbergcharacter on TV's "The Goldbergs"
  • Erica Reyescharacter on MTV's "Teen Wolf"
  • Ericacharacter in the "St Clare" series by Enid Blyton
  • Erica Cartwrightcharacter on TV's "Supernatural"
  • Ericagenus of winter heather
  • Erica "Yoga Jones" Jonescharacter on TV's "Orange is the New Black"
  • Erica Farrellcharacter on the original Degrassi TV series
  • Erica Fontainecharacter in the Sakura Taisen series
  • Erica Hartmanncharacter in anime "Strike Witches"
  • Erica Goldbergcharacter in "The Goldbergs"
  • Erica Strangemain character on Canadian TV series "Being Erica"
  • Erica Yurkenmain character in "Hating Alison Ashley" by Robin Klein
  • Erica Davidsoncharacter on Australian TV series "Prisoner"
  • Erica Halecharacter in book series "Spy School"