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Gender: Female Meaning of Betty: "pledged to God" Origin of Betty: Diminutive of Elizabeth

The name Betty is a girl's name of Hebrew origin meaning "pledged to God". Betty and is often added to lists like Baby Girl Names Ending in Y and discussed in our forums with posts like "This or That?------------girls!".

From the experts:

Combine the popularity of Betty White and Mad Men's glamorous Betty Draper Francis, with the residual sweetness of Ugly Betty's Betty Suarez, and the result is an impending return of the name. It's got presidential cred via Betty Ford and feminist history through Betty Friedan.

Betty's image is still very World War II, when Betty Grable was a hot pin-up girl and Betty was the all-American girls' name blanketing the country, second only to Mary from 1928 to 1934.

So yes, Betty has been out for so long now that we are starting to imagine a new generation of adorable baby Bettys.

Bette Davis pronounced her name 'Betty,' while Bette Midler is 'Bet.'

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Famous People Named Betty

Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Ford, First Lady of the U.S. as wife of President Gerald Ford
Betty Marion White, American actress and comedian
Elizabeth Ruth "Betty" Grable, American actress
Elizabeth "Betty" Cuthbert, Australian Olympic runner
Betty Mae Page, birth name of model Bettie Page
Betty Smith (born Elisabeth Wehner), American novelist
Elizabeth "Betty" Parris, accuser in the 1692 Salem witch trials
Betty Friedan (born Bettye Naomi Goldstein), American feminist author
Betty X (born Zoe Pierce-Gibson), American musician, artist, and activist
Betty Louise McCollum, U.S. Congresswoman from Minnesota
Betty Boo (born Alison Moira Clarkson), English pop singer
Betty Lynn Buckley, American actress
Betty Harris, American soul singer
Betty Hutton (born Elizabeth June Thornburg), American actress
Betty Shabazz (born Betty Dean Sanders), American educator and civil rights activist; wife of Malcolm X
Hedvig Kristina Elisabeth "Betty" Deland, Swedish actress
Elizabeth Mary "Betty" Driver, English actress
Betty Kennedy, Canadian author and senator
Betty Stöve, Dutch tennis player
Betty Williams, Northern Irish winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Betty Moschona, Greek actress
Betty Jackson, English fashion designer
Betty Lou Gerson, American actress
Betty Lou Bredemus, American actress; mother of actress Julia Roberts
Betty Lou Holland, American actress
Betty Lou Keim, American actress
Betty Gilpin, American actress
Betty Who, Australian singer
Baciliky Andris "Betty" Cantrell, Miss America 2016
Betty Lin-Fisher, 5th wife of singer Eddie Fisher
Betty Cornell, American 1950s model who wrote a "Teen-age Popularity Guide"
Betty Everett, American singer
Betty Ann Bobbitt, Australian actress
Betty Boogie Parker, Trey Parker’s daughter and the current voice of Ike Broflovski in South Park

Pop Culture References for the name Betty

Betty Crocker, food brand and its mascot
Betty Boop, animated character
Elizabeth "Betty" Draper, character on TV's "Mad Men"
Beatriz "Ugly" Betty Suarez, title character on TV's "Ugly Betty"
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper, blonde good girl in Archie comics and TV's Riverdale
Elizabeth "Betty" Ross, character in The Hulk series
Betty Rizzo, character in musical "Grease"
Betty Rubble, character on animated series "The Flintstones"
"Betty Blue," 1986 French movie and its main character
"Atomic Betty," animated series and its main character
Betty, character on TV's "The Naked Brothers Band"
Betty Eagleton, character on British soap opera "Emmerdale'
Betty Slug, main character in Canadian comic strip "Betty"by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen
Betty Spaghetty, bendable rubber doll
Betty Spencer, character on British sitcom "Some Mothers do 'ave 'em"
Betty Williams, character on British soap opera "Coronation Street"
"Brickhouse Betty," web series and its main character
Betty Quinlan, minor character in animated series "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron"
Betty Newbie, character in The Sims video games
Betty Bot, character in The Sims video games
"Betty," retro expression for an attractive girl
Brown betty, fruit dessert

Betti, Betta, Bettye, Bettie, Bett


ArianaRose Says:


When I was little I fell in love with the name Betty because of a cartoon I watched, then forgot about it. After reading The Crucible I’m in love with it again. I used Betty for a character in a story I’m writing :)

adadadad Says:


i always associate it with betty boop

RoseGoldHeart Says:


Ugh. Much too associated with Riverdale nowadays, plus it is just weird to me, though other people are free to like it.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I 100% agree. That's why Elizabeth is such an excellent choice, and so enduringly popular. It's so versatile. I do think that Betty works on its own, but personally, I would always go for Elizabeth, rather than Betty, Beth, Liz, Eliza, etc. It leaves the child's options open.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This name is super cute. I love it so much, either as a nickname for Elizabeth, or as an independent name.

Daiseymae Says:


Too plain. It isn't bad either.

DolphinLover17 Says:


I love that name. I think its a cute name.I might name my daughter Betty.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I like both Betty and Bessie. Betty I think more tomboyish and Bessie more girly, in my opinion, Betsy,is also good. I do prefer Betty over all. But all are nice names.

Guest Says:


My mom's name. She's ambivalent about it. I would honor her with Beth, I don't really like "just Betty".

Plutophelia Says:


While I love this name and I definitely think that it can stand on its own,I think it works better as a nickname for the full Elizabeth. That is why I love the name Elizabeth, you can work it around any personality. Say I named my daughter Elizabeth intending to call her Betty but she was more of a Lizzie or Beth then you could adjust!

Orchid_Lover Says:


Came across a baby Betty at work recently, my co-workers made the "old lady name" comment, but I think it's really cute. I just realized it peaked in the US in 1930 so maybe it's not quite ready for revival, but I hope it is. A solid, stylish choice imo.

bluedahlia Says:


Such a cute name, definitely ready for a revival.

Betty Says:


I love my name Betty , because my mom must of loved it !