Heartaw-REEL-ya or a-RAY-lee-a
"the golden one"

Aurelia Origin and Meaning

The name Aurelia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "the golden one".
Aurelia is the female form of the Latin name Aurelius, an ancient Roman surname. Aurelius is derived from the Latin word aureus, meaning "golden," which was also the name of a gold coin used in Ancient Rome. Aurelius was a cognomen, a third name in Roman culture that often referenced a personal characteristic or trait, likely used for someone with golden hair.

The Roman classic Aurelius, from which Aurelia derives, was very common in the Roman Empire and is currently experiencing a resurgence in the US—it re-entered the Top 1000 list in 2012 after a sixty-one year hiatus.

The name of several minor early saints, Aurelia's sound and feel can be credited for it being on the rise again. Aurora and Oriana are Aurelia cousins you might also want to consider.

Aurelia was the name of the mothers of Julius Caesar, the writer Sylvia Plath, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, in her honor, made it one of his daughter's middle names.
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Famous People Named Aurelia

  • Saint Aurelia of Strasbourg4th century French virgin
  • Saint Aurelia of Regensburg10th century German nun
  • Aurelia Cottamother of Julius Caesar
  • Aurelia Orestillasecond wife of Roman Senator Catiline
  • Aurelia Frances SchoberPlath, mother of poet Sylvia Plath
  • Aurelia ScheppersAmerican actress
  • Aurelia RileyAmerican actress
  • Aurelia DobreRomanian gymnast
  • Aurelia FrickLiechtensteinerin politician
  • Aurelia Shines BrowderAmerican civil rights activist
  • (Maria) Aurélia Martins de SousaPortuguese painter
  • Aurelia Tizónfirst wife of Argentine President Juan Perón
  • Aurelia Courtney (b. 2014)daughter of TV personalities Nadine Jolie and Erik Courtney ("Newlyweds")
  • Ruby Aurelia McManus (b. 2013)daughter of TV presenter Rove McManus and actress Tasma Walton

Aurelia in Pop Culture

  • Aureliacharacter in film "The Madwoman of Chaillot"
  • Aureliacharacter in film "Love Actually" (pronounced "Oh,RAIL,ee,a")
  • Aureliasunken ship in film "Fools Gold"
  • Aureliagenus of the moon jellyfish (generally pronounced a,RAY,lee,a)
  • Aureliacharacter in "Mountain Pose" by Nancy Hope Wilson
  • Aurelia Darnelwife of the main character in "Launcelot Greaves" (1762) by Tobias Smollett
  • Aurelia Jedwabinskamain character in books "Opium w rosole" and "Dziecko piatku" by Malgorzata Musierowicz