Gender: Female Pronunciation: aw-REEL-ya or a-RAY-lee-a Meaning of Aurelia: "the golden one" Origin of Aurelia: Latin Aurelia's Popularity in 2019: #644

Aurelia Origin and Meaning

The name Aurelia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "the golden one".

Aurelia is the female form of the Latin name Aurelius, an ancient Roman surname. Aurelius is derived from the Latin word aureus, meaning “golden,” which was also the name of a gold coin used in Ancient Rome. Aurelius was a cognomen, a third name in Roman culture that often referenced a personal characteristic or trait, likely used for someone with golden hair.

The Roman classic Aurelius, from which Aurelia derives, was very common in the Roman Empire and is currently experiencing a resurgence in the US—it re-entered the Top 1000 list in 2012 after a sixty-one year hiatus.

The name of several minor early saints, Aurelia's sound and feel can be credited for it being on the rise again. Aurora and Oriana are Aurelia cousins you might also want to consider.

Aurelia was the name of the mothers of Julius Caesar, the writer Sylvia Plath, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, in her honor, made it one of his daughter's middle names.

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Aurelia's International Variations

Aurélie (French)


ivy194 Says:


Super cool! Wouldn't be out of place irl, with Aurora being so popular, and perfect for a fantasy heroine!

ceruleanstardust Says:


Is the awe-ree-lee-ah pronunciation correct? It's the one I'd instinctively use.

ericakatherine Says:


My cousin named her daughter this. I think it's so floral and beautiful. Personally I wouldn't name my child it though as it's a bit long to say.

oliviamcdonald Says:


That’s such a pretty name!

RoseFlower Says:


A beautiful middle name for my little gorgeous baby girl Ashton Aurelia <3

MargotBear Says:


An absolutely beautiful name!!!! My godsister is called Aurelia and pronounces it ‘Aw-ree-lee-ah’. It’s such a unique and interesting name!!!! 😄😄😄

LoveLoop Says:


My best friends little sister is called Aurelia.

A very beautiful name in my opinion.

maggie Says:


THIS name I was born with and am Romanian by heritage and American by birth (Detroit) Aure-elia (AUre means 'gold'...AU... and ELIA, my grandpa, a couple uncles' names and my brother's name (Elia)..... hence, aurelia... love it but ALWAYS been known as 'Goldie'... get it, AU. R came in there somewheres naming me auRelia...(roll the R)

SloaneSquare Says:


I'm British and took Latin for 7 years, I pronounce it Awe, reel, eea. My phonetic detailing is that great but think of Marcus Aurelius and of the Aurelias in Latin books.

SloaneSquare Says:


I'v only ever heard the "reel" version never the "ray" version, asian Marcus Aurelius.

SilverSky109 Says:


Agreed! Ray is a beautiful nickname for Aurelia, especially since the name means "golden," so it's like a "ray" of sunshine :)

lavendel Says:


I just realised that, depending on how you pronounce it, you could use the nickname 'Ray' for Aurelia.

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


I pronounce it more like Or-ell-ee-uh

Daiseymae Says:


Pretty name.

SilverSky109 Says:


I love this beautiful name and hope to use it one day!

Since this is a Latin based name, the "aw-REEL-ya" pronunciation isn't really correct, and I wish Nameberry would get rid of that. I think the two most correct/universally accepted pronunciations are "a-RAY-lee-a" (as written on Nameberry) and "aw-REHL-ee-uh." According to the forums, many people pronounce it as aw-REHL-ee-uh, which makes a lot of sense, following the same grammar rules that make Elena often pronounced as "eh-LEN-uh."

heathergrey Says:


I always assumed this was soley French name which is usually pronounced Auh-ri-LEE-ah, give or take depending on the accent and how much you Anglicise. I've never heard either of the pronunciations listed and I think it's more elegant the French way.

oliviamcdonald Says:


I see this name as Australia without the st.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Lovely name

ashleyisabellalaaaa Says:


One of my middle names is Aurelia (My full name being Ashley Isabella Aurelia Jane D'angelo) and I really liked it growing up and I might be consider using it as my first name later on because Ashley and Isabella are really popular and Jane is too plain. I would also definitely consider giving my daughter the first name Aurelia or the middle name Aurelia. My parents, who gave me the name Aurelia, said it was pronounced Aw-ray-lee-ah however once I had to show someone like identification things at the airport they said "Aw-relle-lee-ah". However I've never heard anyone pronounce it Aw-reel-ya. That should translate into the name Aureala not Aurelia

Yara Says:


Very regal. In my head I always pronounce it awl-REHL-lee-uh, even if it's not technically correct. It just sounds more melodious than awl-REEL-ya.

eveyalecia Says:


Oh-ray and Or-ay are definitely different-- the first has a rounded "O" and the second has an "open O". For example, imagine pronouncing your name as Loh-ra... it's very different from Lor-uh!

Floris Says:


It's the 2nd name of a very good friend of mine. She pronounces it uhoo-re-lee-uh. The re with an e like in egg. Her family is from Equador and Switzerland.

ilovelalo Says:


I have a friend named Aurelia.We pronounce it like awh-rehl-ee-uh

iipostmvh Says:


I had a distance cousin with this name and that's how it was pronounced.

vintageisfave Says:


I pronounce it au-RAIL-ee-uh, with 4 syllables.

Tina_and_Bert Says:


I'd be interested to know where Nameberry is getting the idea that this name is pronounced aw-REEL-ya, as I've ever only heard it aw-RAY-lee-ah (or I suppose some people might make more of an oh sound in the first syllable). I am originally from the American Southwest.

LowSlash Says:


I agree, and since I have always heard the masculine form pronounced ah-RAY-lee-us (I'm in western Canada, FWIW), it's natural for me to pronounce the feminine form ah-RAY-lee-uh. I love the name, and that's definitely my preferred pronunciation.

LaNev Says:


Oh-RAY is identical to Or-AY when said out loud. I'm from the northern US, and and "au" has a more closed sound. (My name is Laura, which is said Lora).

But my biggest gripe with the pronunciation above--as I already said--is that the second syllable should be RAY, since that is the one that's emphasized and is for sure how it is said in the original. You can say the first syllable a bunch of different ways depending on where you're from.

otheralix Says:


It is when ah is closer to aw and you're saying to change the pronunciation.

It will all depend on accent and origin but I've heard or- and aw- more than ah- and definitely more than oh-. If I remember anything from HS Latin, au is pronounce like "our." Now, I pronounce "our" two ways, depending on the context, "are" and "ow-er."

LaNev Says:


"Oh" or "ah", take your pick--not a big difference.

otheralix Says:


I've never heard anyone (in any 'romance' based language taken from Latin) pronounce it with an "oh" sound.

LaNev Says:


They need to fix the pronunciation listed above--while it may be the way Americans often say the name, it's not really correct. The original Latin pronunciation is "oh-RAY-lee-ah", which is still the most common (and most internationally viable) pronunciation. In my opinion, it's also the prettiest. :) Love this name!

AlexandriaJ Says:


Doesn't roll off the tongue easily, but that isn't always a bad thing.

racheljean Says:


Love this name, not too common which is good.

Bakergirl Says:


Beautiful classic name that is timeless.

nashinokimoon Says:


Aurelia is a common name in my family, so I "created" a variation for My daughter's middle name; Aurelle.

Aurelia Says:


My name!
I've been called aw-REEL-e-ah, aw-REH-le-ah, lots of variations.
It doesn't really matter to me, it only sounds a little bit different when said in real time.
I pronounce it oh-rill-ee-ah =D
With this name, people either forget it really quickly and ask you again, or they make an effort to remember it because it is so uncommon. Which are good situations either way I think.
So don't be deterred to using it because not many people know it, that's what makes it special ;D

lynn_wentworth Says:


This name just always seems like a mouth full to me. It look beautiful and has a wonderful meaning, but I just hate the way it sounds.

headintheclouds Says:


I find this so pretty and elaborate- someone named Aurelia would be a Southern belle going to debutante balls, or be a lady from the 1920s twirling her skirts in a ballroom dance/ something like that. I think it's a name ripe for revival in the modern day though, with lots of great accessible nicknames to keep it more down-to-earth and less frilly.

Alicia1 Says:


Beautiful unusual name!

Caroline Says:


Too old sounding!

Alicia1 Says:


Still think this is such a pretty name, I would pronounce it with 3 syllables.

amberdaydream Says:


This is one of those names I don't really like, but I always try and recommend it to others 'cause it seems like it'd be "the name" for someone else.

jordalini Says:


I think this name is kinda a mouthful, it is very pretty, and has grown on me, but it is not common enough for people to know how to pronounce it, and so many people pronounce it differently.

Alicia1 Says:


This name is so pretty and unusual, more interesting than the common Amelia.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I pronounce this name like aw-REE-lee-uh in my head and I like that pronounciation better than this one. The names so much better than Amelia.

Jo Plautz Says:


Aurelia is my grandma's name, my middle name and my first daughters middle name!

Paige_Mackenzie Says:


I love it pronounced Aw-relle-ee-ah

Nicole4383 Says:


I think it's a pretty name, however, if you name your child this they are going to go through life having to constantly correct the pronunciation. It's not a deal breaker, just something to consider.

laurelrobyn Says:


Such a beautiful name. I love the pronunciation Awe-ray-lee-ah. I love the meaning, too. I feel it might be a lot of name for someone, but I'd love to meet a little girl named Aurelia!

PeachyOwl Says:


It's not boring and common at all, I really like it, though I may not actually use it. It is very pretty and unique.

cspete86 Says:


My daughter's named Aurelia and nobody's heard it before, so I disagree that it's boring and common. I get so many compliments! I find many do have a little trouble with pronunciation, but I love it anyway. I pronounce it Awe-reh-lee-ah

Guest Says:


I love this name if it's ow-REH-lia, if it's ow-reelya or raylia then nope.

emmyent Says:


I've heard this pronounced "aw-REH-lee-ah" before, but never like "aw-reel-ya."

caroblaise Says:


The person in my Latin textbook is named Aurelia, so for me, this name is sadly unusable

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


My comment here was uncalled for. I apologise for the rudeness.

jtay07 Says:


this is my grandmother's given name and she pronounces it nothing like aw-reel-ya. She's Spanish.