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The name Amber is a girl's name.
Though perhaps not as currently stylish as Ruby, Jade, or Pearl, Amber has a colorful history (remember the notorious Forever Amber heroine?). Unfortunately, it does come with the "Amber Alert" connotation for modern parents (and their children).
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Famous People Named Amber

  • Amber Rose (Levonchuk)American model and actress
  • Amber Laura HeardAmerican actress
  • Amber Rose TamblynAmerican actress
  • Amber Evangeline VallettaAmerican supermodel
  • Amber RileyAmerican actress and singer
  • TiffaniAmber Thiessen, American actress
  • Amber PortwoodAmerican reality TV personality ("Teen Mom")
  • Amber O'Neal/HollyAmerican wrestler (born Kimberly Dawn Davis)
  • Amber Marie JaegerAmerican actress
  • Amber Josephine LiuTaiwanese,American singer and rapper from South Korean girl group f(x)\
  • Amber GrayAmerican actress
  • Amber RuddBritish Home Secretary
  • Amber MarkAmerican singer,songwriter
  • Amber Fillerup Clarkblogger
  • Amber Jean Youngdaughter of singer Neil Young
  • Amber Joy Halseydaughter of Jaime Moore & Steve Halsey
  • Amber DancyAmerican singer
  • Amber Lee Smith (b. 1971) American actress and former model
  • Amber ChiaMalaysian supermodel
  • Amber MarianoReality Television personality best known for “Survivor”

Amber in Pop Culture

  • Amber St. Claremain character in Kathleen Winsor's novel "Forever Amber"
  • Amber Marienscharacter in movie "Clueless"
  • Amber Browntitle character in book series by Paula Danziger
  • Amber von Tusslecharacter in musical/film "Hairspray"
  • Ambercharacter in "Rainbow Fairies" series
  • Amber Millingtoncharacter on TV's "House of Anubis"
  • Ambercharacter on TV's "Hannah Montana"
  • Amber Deancharacter on British TV's "Some Girls"
  • Amber Volakischaracter on TV's "House"
  • The Chronicles of Ambera fantasy novel series by Roger Zelazny
  • Amber House Trilogyseries by Kelly Moore, Tucker Reed and Larkin Reed
  • Amber (The OneLegged Hypoglycemic), Amy Poehler character on TV's "Saturday Night Live"
  • Ambercharacter in anime "Darker than Black"
  • Amber Simpsoncharacter on TV's "The Simpsons"
  • Ambercharacter on TV's "The Tribe"
  • AMBER AlertU.S. public notification of a kidnapped child
  • Amber Holtcharacter on TV's "Parenthood"
  • Amber Magewoodcharacter in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
  • Amber Horn (A.K.A. Eva Mansfield)character in MTV's "Awkward."
  • Ambercharacter on Disney Junior's animated show "Sofia the First"
  • Lady Ambera squirrel in "Mossflower" by Brian Jacques
  • Amber Marigold in the book "Two gangs and a golden girl"
  • Ambercharacter on Hit FOX sitcom "Married...with Children" appeared in 4 episodes from 1994 to 1995 , played by Juliet Tablak
  • Amberfemale dinosaur character in the Saturday Morning cartoon series "Dink the Little Dinosaur"