Boy Names Ending in -en

by Pamela Redmond

Baby boy names ending in the letters -en are among the most fashionable names today, with choices such as Aiden, Hayden, and Owen leading the pack. Names rhyming with Aiden are especially popular, with seemingly any letter working in the lead and a range of spellings used in the middle.

Along with Aiden, the US Top 300 boy names include Brayden, both Cayden and Caden, three spellings starting with a J including Jaden and Jaiden and Jayden, plus three K versions including Kaden and Kaiden and Kayden. Further down the list, well-used boy names in this family also include Graydon and Zayden.

More classic boy names also are members of the trendy -en pack: think Stephen and Allen. Trendy en-ending names range from the literary Holden to the biblical Reuben to the surname-name Cohen. Unique boy names ending in -en that we recommend include Niven, O’Brien, and Quillen.

If you love the sound of boys’ names that end in -en, be aware that the sound is more common than you’d think, given that it also includes boys’ names that end in -an and -on, including such megapopular choices as Jackson, Mason, Ethan, and Jordan. Here, all the boys’ names on Nameberry that end in -en.

Top Boy Names Ending in -en

Unique Boy Names Ending in -en