Delicious Thanksgiving Names

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If you're expecting a baby around the Thanksgiving holiday or simply love the idea of expressing gratitude in your child's name, you might want to consider these Thanksgiving-themed baby names.

Grace, an element of gratitude or the prayer we say before the big holiday meal, is the top Thanksgiving name for girls. Along with Grace, other Thanksgiving girl names ranking in the US Top 1000 include Autumn, Hope, Faith, and Mercy. Unique Thanksgiving girl names to consider include Junia, Marigold, Remember, and Susanna.

Elias is the top boy name with a Thanksgiving theme. Along with Elias, other Thanksgiving boy names ranking in the Top 1000 include Jasper, Jayden, Myles, Moses, and Sage. Unique Thanksgiving boy names on our favorites list include Alden, Truman, and Oceanus, the name of the baby born on the Mayflower.

Thanksgiving name can reference the harvest or the sumptuous Thanksgiving meal, the Pilgrims or the fall season. Here's a collection of Thanksgiving names for boys and girls.

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