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Caden Origin and Meaning

The name Caden is a boy's name meaning "battle".

Caden is a key member of the rhyming contingent that includes Aiden, Jayden, Kayden, Brayden et al. It may derive from the Celtic Cadan or Irish Cathán, both from the same root meaning "battle".

While Caden in this spelling achieves the golden mean of being familiar but not overly popular, ranking consistently in the middle of the Top 1000, there are so many similar names in widespread use that you're sure to hear it more than you might think.

Considering all the spellings together, Caden (and Kayden and Kaiden) ranks Number 14 in the US, according to our Playground Analysis.

# 198 in the US

Caden Rank in US Top 1000

# 555 on Nameberry

Caden Rank in Nameberry Top 1000

Caden Popularity

Famous People Named Caden

  • Caden LovelaceAmerican novelist
  • Caden PaulAustralian actor
  • Caden Basil WaidyatillekaAmerican actor
  • Caden Michael GrayAmerican actor
  • Caden PandormoAmerican actor; twin brother Blake
  • Caden RothweilerAmerican actor; twin brother Corben
  • Caden Bennettson of NFL player Donnell Bennett
  • Caden Davidson (b. 1993)son of actor Doug Davidson
  • Caden Andrew Martin (b. 2005)son of pro wrestler Shane Douglas
  • Caden Kvapil (b. 2006)son of NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil
  • Caden Dar Bateman (b. 2007)son of actress Rachel Luttrell and Lloyd Bateman
  • Caden Archey (b. 2009)son of actor Lamon Archey
  • Caden Joseph Skube (b. 2009)step,son of American family vlogger Jessica Skube (Jesssfam on YouTube)
  • Caden de Luca (b. 2012)son of film producer Michael de Luca and actress Angelique Madrid
  • Caden Gilman (b. 2012)son of Christian singer Matt Gilman; twin brother Isaac
  • Caden Paul Wolfe (b. 2014)son of NASCAR drive Paul Wolfe
  • Caden Jeffrey Carter (b. 2014)son of ice hockey player Jeff Carter
  • Michael Caden Hensley (b. 2010)son of actress Christel Khalil and Stephen Hensley

Caden in Pop Culture

  • Caden Cotardcharacter in film "Synecdoche, New York" (2008 film)
  • Caden Clarkcharacter on TV's "Some Assembly Required"
  • Caden Boschprotagonist of Neal Shusterman's "Challenger Deep"