"hero or fable"

Legend Origin and Meaning

The name Legend is a girl's name meaning "hero or fable".

Legend joins cousins Story, Saga and Fable in the baby name pantheon of narrative words. Unlike Story and Fable, however, Legend comes with additional weight, being used for fame ("living legend") and to denote a person who is fantastic "what a legend"). Who can live up to that?

Legend entered the US Top 1000 for boys in 2010 for the first time, perhaps in connection popular singer John Legend, and is now on the brink of breaking into the Top 100. For girls, it's much rarer, but not unheard of – given to over 50 baby girls in the last year on record.

Legend in Pop Culture

  • A story that is possibly true or false
  • The Legend of Zeldavideo game series by Nintendo

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