Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese variation of Lucius

Lucio Origin and Meaning

The name Lucio is a boy's name of Spanish origin meaning "light".

About 100 baby boys were named Lucio in the US last year, a number we expect to increase with the growing popularity of all names in the Lu family. It's a family united by sound, with three main branches.

Lucio belongs with the light-meaning names such as Lucius, Lucy, Lucia, and Lux. Then there is the Luke, Lucas, and Luca names that mean "man from Lucanus." Both these branches are rooted in the Latin.

Louis, Louise, Luis, and Louisa have French and German roots and mean "renowned warrior".

Pronunciation of Lucio differs according to country. Spanish and Portuguese speakers pronounce the c like an s and may emphasize the first or the second syllable, depending on country. So the options are LOO-see-oh or loo-SEE-oh.

Italians pronounce the c like the English ch and pronounce the name with only two syllables: LOO-cho.

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Famous People Named Lucio

  • Lucio BattistiItalian singer,songwriter
  • Lucio FulciItalian film director
  • Lucio Franco AmantiItalian cellist and composer

Lucio in Pop Culture

  • Lucio Correia dos Santosa healer in the video game Overwatch
  • Count Lucioflamboyant antagonist in the visual Novel The Arcana