Quintus Origin and Meaning

The name Quintus is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "fifth".

A literary name figuring in the story of Ben Hur and the novels of Anthony Trollope that has the feel of Roman antiquity that is beginning to appeal to many parents. Quintus was one of only about twenty male first names in ancient Rome, and was often (though not exclusively) used for fifth sons.

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Famous People Named Quintus

  • Quintus Aemilius Laetuswas a Praetorian Guard from Roman Empire

Quintus in Pop Culture

  • Quintus Slide is a journalist character in Anthony Trollope's Palliser novels.
  • Quintus is a character in Riordan's Battle of the Labryinth.
  • Quintusson to Titus Andronicus in the Shakespeare tragedy
  • Quintus Arriusa character in Lew Wallace's Ben,Hur