English surname
"dry wood + river bend"

Truett Origin and Meaning

The name Truett is a boy's name meaning "dry wood + river bend".

Truett is one of the trendier names in the Tru- family (True, Truman etc), which was used for 92 boys in the US last year. Truett is deeply associated with the Baptist church in the Southern USA due to former leader George Truett. Truitt is another spelling, less commonly used. Some sources say that Truett, as a surname or a first name, is a habitational name -- a name given to people who lived in a certain place -- in this case, Trewhitt in England's Northumbria. The place name is drawn from the Old Norse tyri meaning "dry resinous wood" and the Old English whit, which means river bend. It's an appealing name, though say it too quickly and it can sound disturbingly like truant.

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Famous People Named Truett

  • Truett "Trudog" MacKeehanrapper, and son of Christian artist tobyMac
  • S. Truett Cathyfounder of Chick,fil,A