ZEEK-freet (German); SIG-freed or SEEG-freed (Eng)
"victorious peace"

Siegfried Origin and Meaning

The name Siegfried is a boy's name of German origin meaning "victorious peace".

Also spelled Sigfrid, this hefty German name has an appropriately majestic meaning: "victorious peace". Fittingly, a famous bearer was the English World War I poet and pacifist Siegfried Sassoon. Sassoon was named after the hero of a Wagner opera, which in turn was based on a tragic hero from German legend.

Siegfried Popularity

Famous People Named Siegfried

  • Siegfried FischbacherGerman,American magician of duo Siegfried & Roy
  • Siegfried Loraine SassoonEnglish poet and soldier
  • SiegfriedCount of Luxembourg
  • Siegfried WagnerGerman composer, son of composer Richard Wagner
  • Siegfried KracauerGerman writer and critic
  • Siegfried LenzGerman novelist
  • Siegfried “Sigi” StritzlYugoslavian,American footballer

Siegfried in Pop Culture

  • "Siegfried" opera by Richard Wagner
  • Siegfried Farnoncharacter in James Herriot's "All Creatures" series