Welsh variation of Theodore
"gift of God"

Tudor Origin and Meaning

The name Tudor is a boy's name of Welsh origin.

Known as a British royal family line as well as a style of architecture, this name has a forbidding solemnity; schoolmates might also confuse it with tutor.

Tudor Popularity

Famous People Named Tudor

  • Tudor Arghezi (born Ion N. Theodorescu)Romanian poet
  • Tudor VladimirescuWallachian Romanian revolutionary
  • Tudor Edward Ranasinghe GunasekaraSri Lankan politician and diplomat
  • Constantin "Tudor" MăinescuRomanian poet
  • Tudor Boloniproduction designer
  • Avan Tudor JogiaAmerican actor
  • Paul Tudor Jones IIAmerican investor
  • Denys Tudor Emil RobertsBritish Hong Kong official and judge
  • House of TudorEnglish royal dynasty that produced six monarchs

Tudor in Pop Culture

  • Tudorstyle of architecture
  • The TudorsTV series about the English royal dynasty
  • Sounds like 'tooter' which is a slang term for a person that passes gas.