Scandinavian variation of Ludwig, German
"famous warrior"

Ludvig Origin and Meaning

The name Ludvig is a boy's name of Scandinavian origin meaning "famous warrior".

Unlikely to catch on in the Anglophone world, where parent name Ludwig still conjures up images of Beethoven. But Ludvig actually ranks among the top boy names in Norway and Sweden, while German form Ludwig ranks among the Top 100 boy names in Germany and Ludovico is cool in Italty.

Ludvig Popularity

Famous People Named Ludvig

  • Anton Ludvig AlvestadNorwegian politician for the Labour Party
  • Christian Ludvig DiriksNorwegian Minister of Auditing and Minister of Postal Affairs
  • Christofer Rutger Ludvig ManderströmSwedish , Norwegian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
  • Fredrik Ludvig KonowNorwegian Minister of Finance
  • Johan LudvigDanish Minister of state
  • Ludvig AlmqvistSwedish politician
  • Ludvig AubertNorwegian Minister of Justice
  • Ludvig DaaeNorwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Ludvig HolsteinHolsteinborg, Danish politician
  • Ludvig HolsteinLedreborg, Danish politician
  • Johan Ludvig HeibergDanish poet and critic
  • Johan Ludvig RunebergFinland,Swedish poet
  • Ludvig HolbergDanish,Norwegian writer and playwright
  • Ludvig G. BraathenNorwegian shipping magnate and founder of the Braathens airline
  • Ludvig EngsundSwedish ice hockey goaltender
  • Ludvig FaddeevRussian theoretical physicist and mathematician
  • Ludvig HektoenAmerican pathologist
  • Ludvig MyliusErichsen, Danish explorer
  • Ludvig NobelSwedish engineer, businessman and humanitarian
  • Ludvig SchytteDanish composer, pianist, and teacher
  • Ludvig StrigeusSwedish programmer
  • Carl Ludvig EngelGerman architect
  • Ernst Ludvig IpsenAmerican portrait painter
  • Harald Ludvig WestergaardDanish statistician and economist