French variation of William

Guillaume Origin and Meaning

The name Guillaume is a boy's name of French origin.

An everyday name in France, a charismatic possibility here.

Famous People Named Guillaume

  • Guillaume Jean Joseph MarieHereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg; son of Grand Duke Henri
  • Guillaume Marie Louis ChristianPrince of Luxembourg; son of Grand Duke Jean
  • Guillaume ApollinaireFrench poet
  • Guillaume CanetFrench actor and director
  • Guillaume MarieAnne Brune, Marshal of France
  • Guillaume Emmanuel de HomemChristo, one half of the French band Daft Punk
  • GuillaumeJoseph Roques, French painter
  • Guillaume CizeronFrench ice dancer
  • Guillaume Du FayFranco,Flemish composer
  • Guillaume d'EstoutevilleFrench cardinal
  • Guillaume François AntoineMarquis de l'Hôpital, French mathematician
  • Guillaume de MachautFrench poet and composer
  • Guillaume de Salluste Du BartasFrench courtier and poet
  • Charles Édouard GuillaumeSwiss physicist; winner of the Nobel Prize
  • Robert Guillaume (born Robert Peter Williams)American actor