French and Spanish, diminutive of Sebastien
"person from ancient city of Sebastia"

Bastien Origin and Meaning

The name Bastien is a boy's name of Spanish, French, Latin origin meaning "person from ancient city of Sebastia".

In this form, or as Sebastian or as Bas, Bastien is a fashionable Euro name with a possible future in America.

There is a one-act comic opera by Mozart titled Bastien and Bastienne.

An alternate spelling is Bastian, which was used by Jeremy Sisto for his son.

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Bastien Popularity

Famous People Named Bastien

  • Bastien SalabanziFrench pro skateboarder
  • Bastien ChesauxSwiss motorcycle racer
  • Bastien Charles Patrick HeryFrench footballer

Bastien in Pop Culture

  • "Bastien und Bastienne" comic opera by Mozart