Diminutive of Peter

Pete Origin and Meaning

The name Pete is a boy's name meaning "rock".

Sixties-style short form that sounds cool again -- though the unscrupulous Pete on "Mad Men" is not a character to emulate.

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Famous People Named Pete

  • Pete BurnsEnglish singer and songwriter, particularly known for being the frontman of the band "Dead or Alive"
  • Peter Edward "Pete" RoseAmerican baseball player
  • Randolph Peter "Pete" BestEnglish drummer for the Beatles replaced by Ringo
  • Peter "Pete" O'HanlonIrish bassist of band The Strypes
  • Peter Dennis Blandford "Pete" TownshendEnglish rock guitarist of The Who
  • Peter "Pete" SeegerAmerican folk singer,songwriter
  • Petros "Pete" SamprasAmerican tennis player
  • Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr.American astronaut
  • Peter Lewis Kingston "Pete" Wentz IIIbassist of American rock band Fall Out Boy
  • Peter "Pete" DavidsonAmerican actor/comedian of "Saturday Night Live"
  • Pete BucknallBritish singer & vlogger known as "petesjams" on YouTube
  • Alexander Pete Schreiberson of actors Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber
  • Pete HolmesAmerican comedian

Pete in Pop Culture

  • Pete Beckercharacter on FRIENDS
  • Pete Campbellcharacter in TV's "Mad Men"
  • Petemain character in Disney's "Pete's Dragon"
  • Petevillainous character in Disney cartoons
  • Stinky Pete the Prospectorcharacter in "Toy Story 2"
  • Pete Harpercharacter on TV's "Orange Is the New Black"
  • Graffiti Petecharacter in musical "In The Heights"
  • Pete Twistcharacter on Australian TV show "Round the Twist"
  • Pete Martinsburgcharacter in "Generation Dead"
  • Pete Dunvillecharacter on TV series "2 Guys, A Girl, & A Pizza Place"
  • Pete Hornbergercharacter on TV series "30 Rock"
  • Little Petecharacter in Michael Grant's "Gone" series
  • Pete Rooneycharacter on TV's "Liv and Maddie"
  • Pete Wrigleyname shared by two brothers on TV's "The Adventures of Pete & Pete"
  • Pete Thelmancharacter in "South Park"
  • Pete Melmancharacter in "South Park"
  • Petecharacter in "South Park"
  • Pete the Catbook series and its main character
  • Pete the Pupdog in the Our Gang film series
  • Petecharacter in the movie Shaun of the Dead
  • Old Puffer Petecharacter on animated TV series Chuggington
  • Pete Malloya main character on TV's "Adam,12"
  • "Pete the Tramp" comic strip by Clarence Russell and its main character
  • Pete Wisdomcharacter in Marvel Comics
  • Cordwood Peteyounger brother of American folk legend Paul Bunyan
  • Petecharacter in "Don't Look At It! Don't Touch It!" by Steve Patschke
  • Petecharacter in the Animal Crossing video game series
  • "Power Pete" video game and its main character
  • Sneaky Petean Amazon Prime original crime/psychological/drama show
  • "Cuban Pete"a song popularized by Desi Arnaz
  • Also performed by Jim Carrey in the 1994 movie "The Mask"