Greek mythology name
"to destroy"

Perseus Origin and Meaning

The name Perseus is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "to destroy".

Perseus is a godly Greek hero (he was a son of Zeus) whose ancient name just might have modern possibilities along with other so-old-they're-new-again names such as Atticus and Orion.

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Famous People Named Perseus

  • Perseus of Macedonlast king of the Antigonid dynasty

Perseus in Pop Culture

  • PerseusGreek mythological hero; son of Zeus and slayer of Medusa. Favourite of Athena. Half,brother and great,grandfather of Heracles
  • Perseusson of Nestor and Eurydice (or Anaxibia) who appears in Homer's The Odyssey
  • Perseus "Percy" Jacksonmain character in Percy Jackson and The Olympians series, and a main character in The Heroes of Olympus series, both by Rick Riordan