Gossip Girl Characters

names of characters in the TV show Gossip Girl, which explores the lives of "the upper east side's elite" - Created by NavyWifeLife

  • Aaron

    artsy, creative, ladies man,

  • Agnes

    party girl, model, pretty, crazy, reckless

  • Alison

    artistic, cowardly, dishonest, pretty, unstable,

  • Anastascia

    Dorota's daughter

  • Anne

    conniving, dishonest, entitled

  • Asher

    down to earth, rich,

  • Bartholomew

    powerful, secretive, harsh, (nickname: Bart)

  • Benjamin

    creative, smart, kind, strong, determined, peaceful (nickname: Ben)

  • Blair

    Blair is the Queen Bee of Manhattan, she is beautiful, classy, strong, determined, but somewhat entitled. (nickname: B)

  • Bree

    beautiful, trust fund baby, driven, sneaky

  • Carol

    rebellious, sneaky, mean

  • Carter

    free spirited, drifter, conniving,

  • Catherine

    Celia's middle name

  • Celia

    Serena's middle name as well as her grandmother's first name, her grandmother comes from money, and makes it known

  • Charles

    Business savvy, conniving, powerful, let's nothing stand in the way of what he wants. (Nickname: Chuck)

  • Charlotte

    nicknames: Lola and Charlie

  • Colin

    smart, millionaire, kind, generous,

  • Cornelia

    Blair's middle name

  • Cyrus

    honest, good hearted, pleasant, affectionate

  • Damien

    dishonest, secretive, sneaky, handsome, persuasive

  • Daniel

    Daniel (goes by Dan) is the outsider from Brooklyn who makes his way into the "In" crowd of Manhattan, he is a writer.

  • Donovan

    Ben's last name

  • Dorota

    polish, hardworking, loyal, kind

  • Eleanor

    driven, determined, strong, business savvy, independent, critical, coldhearted

  • Eliot

  • Elizabeth

    secretive, sneaky

  • Eric

    kind, sensitive,

  • Eva

    french, blonde, beautiful, honest, angelic, down to earth

  • Epperly

    blonde, hard working

  • Gabriel

  • Gabriela

    opinionated, outspoken,

  • Georgina

    beautiful, sneaky, conniving, energetic, creative, convincing, persuasive (Nickname: G, Georgie)

  • Harold

  • Hazel

  • Henry

  • Howard

    dishonest, conniving, businessman

  • Isabel

    Nickname: Is

  • Ivy

    beautiful, sexy, but mysterious, conniving, scheming

  • Jack

  • Jennifer

    beautiful, creative, entitled (nickname Jenny, Little J)

  • Jessica

  • Jordan

  • Juliet

  • Kate

  • Kati

  • Lilly

    strong willed, means well, elegant, poised (occasionally called Lil)

  • Louis

  • Marcus

  • Maureen

  • Max

  • Nathaniel

    handsome, athletic, smart, business savvy, honest (nickname: Nate)

  • Nelly

  • Olivia

  • Penelope

  • Poppy

  • Rachel

  • Raina

  • Randolph

    Dan's middle name.

  • Rick

  • Rufus

    former rockstar, laid back,

  • Russell

  • Sage

  • Sarah

  • Scott

  • Serena

    The "It Girl" of the upper east side, free spirited, blonde, easy going, (Nickname: S)

  • Sophie

  • Steven

  • Tallulah

    Jenny's middle name

  • Tripp

  • Vanessa

    beautiful, artsy, creative, sensitive

  • William