Cool French Boys' Names

Hello ! Because, being French, I am sometimes surprised and amused at the French baby names I see popping-up in parents baby names lists, such as Léo, Félix and Hugo, I figured I might try to offer you some fresh ideas. But err... being French also means I'm probably going to list names you English-speaking people would never, ever consider - because they're old-fashioned or just plain weird, or, "au contraire" ;D names that are completely classic to you, and I'm not always able to tell from your perspective. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy reading them ! - Created by Lup

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  • Aloys

    (More commonly spelled Aloïs, which makes it look a bit feminine) Pronounced "ah-LOW-ees"). Quite popular.

  • Aimery

    (Also spelled Emmery) Quite unusual.

  • Aymeric

    (Also spelled Emmeric) Popular.

  • Baptiste

    Pronounced "bah-TEEST", the "p" is silent. Very popular.

  • Basile

    Pronounced "bah-ZEEL". Very popular.

  • Bosco

    (Name of a saint) Unusual.

  • Balthus

    (A painter's name, from Balthazar, one of the Three Kings, with Gaspard and Melchior). Unusual.

  • Calixte

    Pronounced "cah-LEEXT". Unisex. A similar-sounding name is Calix (only masculine). Quite unusual.

  • Clovis

    (Ancient form of Louis) Pronounced "CLO-vees". Quite popular.

  • Coriolan

    Pronounced "CO-ryo-la(n)". Unusual.

  • Célian

    Pronounced "SAY-lia(n)". Popular.

  • Darius

    Yet uncommon but growing in the stats.

  • Diego

    (Spanish) Becoming popular.

  • Elio

    (Latino variation of the very classic french male name Elie (Eli in English)) Pronounced "EL-yo". Popular.

  • Gabin

    Pronounced "gah-BI(N)", french form of Gavin I suppose. Very popular.

  • Gabriel

    Pronounced "gah-bree-YEL". Very popular.

  • Gaspard

    Pronounced "gah-SPAR", the "d" is silent. Very popular.

  • Gaston

    Pronounced "GAH-sto(n)". Still quite uncommon but growing in the stats.

  • Gaétan

    Pronounced "gah-ay-TA(N)". Popular.

  • Joachim

    (Also spelled Joakim) Pronounced "JO-ah-kim" with a soft "J". Quite uncommon although it's a classic.

  • Jessime

    Pronounced "jess-EEM" with a soft "J" sound (a bit similar to the "sh" sound). Very unusual but growing dramatically in the stats.

  • Loukian

    (Recent invention based on the slavic Lucian) Pronounced "LOO-kia(n)". Quite popular.

  • Léon

    Very popular.

  • Léopold

    (Also spelled (more and more) Léo-Paul) Pronounced "LAY-o-pol", the "d" is silent. Quite popular.

  • Marceau

    (Also spelled (rarely) Marso) Pronounced "mahr-SO". Popular.

  • Marius

    Very popular.

  • Mathis

    (Also spelled Matisse, like the painter) Pronounced "mah-TEES". Very, very popular.

  • Maxence

    (Also spelled Maxens) Pronounced "mah-XA(N)S". Popular.

  • Melchior

    Pronounced "mel-KYOR". Popular.

  • Merlin

    Pronounced "MERR-li(n)". Becoming quite popular.

  • Milo

    Pronounced "MEE-low". Popular.

  • Maixent

    Pronounciation much debated : either "mekk-SENT", "mekk-sa(n)" (mute "t") or a mix of both, "mekk-SA(N)T", take your pick. Unusual.

  • Majoric

    Pronounced "MAH-jo-rick" with a sof "J". Very unusual.

  • Mathéo

    (Also spelled Matthéo) Pronounced "MAH-tay-o". Very, very popular.

  • Névenoé

    Pronounced "NAY-ven-NO-ay". Unusual. (Another form of the name is Nominoë, pronounced "NO-mee-NO-ay")

  • Oscar


  • Roman

    2 pronounciations : "ro-MANN" or "RO-ma(n)", the 1st is the most popular. Popular.

  • Raphaël

    Pronounced "rah-fah-EL". Very popular.

  • Roméo

    Pronounced "RO-may-o". Getting popular.

  • Sacha

    (Also spelled Sasha) Pronounced "SAh-shah". Very popular.

  • Septime

    Pronounced "sep-TEEM". Unusual.

  • Thibault

    (Also spelled Thibauld, Thibaud, Thibaut, and more rarely because it is then a provençal form, Tibo) Pronounced "tee-BO". Popular.

  • Thibald

    (Variant of Tybalt) Pronounced "tee-BALD". Unusual.

  • Thélio

    Pronounced "tay-LYO". Popular.

  • Théo

    Pronounced "TAY-o". Very popular.

  • Titouan

    (Provençal form of Antoine) Pronounced "TEE-twa(n)". Popular.

  • Vasco

    (First name of the famous portuguese traveller, Vasco De Gama) Quite unusual.

  • Victorien

    (French counterpart for Victorian) Pronounced "vic-TOR-yi(n)". Quite unusual.

  • Zachaël

    (Modern invention based on names Zach and Aël, Aël meaning Angel) Pronounced "zack-ah-EL". Quite popular.

  • Zadig

    (From Voltaire's tale) Pronounced "zah-DIG". Getting Popular.

  • Zénon

    (From Yourcenar's The Abyss) Pronounced "ZAY-no(n)". Very unusual.