jo-AHK-eem or yo-AHK-eem
"Established by God"

Joachim Origin and Meaning

The name Joachim is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "Established by God".

Joachim is an undiscovered biblical name with potential, although most modern parents would probably prefer the more lively Spanish version, Joaquin. Like many Old Testament names, it was primarily in use in the seventeenth century, and then became rare. In the Bible Joachim is a king of Judah; according to the Gospel of James, Saint Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of the Virgin Mary.
br/>Currently well-used in France, the name Joachim is known in countries and languages around the world and pronounced somewhat differently in each. While American might be most familiar with the Spanish version of the name, Joaquin via actor Joaquin Phoenix, that pronunciation wah-keen is not similar to any of the pronunciations of Joachim, which all have three syllables often with the emphasis on the second.

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Famous People Named Joachim

  • Joachimsupposed father of the Virgin Mary
  • Joachim Neander (16501680), German hymnist
  • Joachim I NestorElector of Brandenburg
  • Joachim II HectorElector of Brandenburg
  • Joachim III FrederickElector of Brandenburg
  • Joachim Holger Waldemar ChristianPrince of Denmark
  • Joachim GansCzech mining expert, first Jew in North America
  • JoachimNapoleon Murat, King of Naples and brother,in,law of Napoleon
  • Joachim GauckGerman president and civil rights activist in former East Germany
  • Joachim "Jogi" LöwGerman football manager
  • Joachim JohanssonSwedish tennis player
  • Joachim Fischer NielsenDanish Olympic badminton player
  • Joachim LafosseBelgian film director
  • Joachim River "JJ" Johnsonson of actor Wil Johnson
  • Ulrich Friedrich Wilhelm Joachim von RibbentropForeign Minister of Nazi Germany who was convicted in the Nuremberg Trials