French from German
"courageous people"

Thibault Origin and Meaning

The name Thibault is a boy's name of French origin meaning "courageous people".

Pronounced TEE-bow, this version, which is also a very common surname in France, has a lot more charm than the name it derives from — Theobald. A variant spelling is Thibaut.

Trivia tidbit: Thibault is the name of a minor character in Peanuts.

Thibault Popularity

Famous People Named Thibault

  • Thibault de MontalembertFrench actor
  • Thibault VinçonFrench actor
  • Thibault MoulinFrench footballer
  • Thibault BourgeoisFrench footballer
  • Thibault DamourFrench physicist
  • Thibault GiroudFrench rugby union player
  • Thibault RossardFrench volleyball player
  • Thibaut PinotFrench cyclist

Thibault in Pop Culture

  • Thibaultcharacter in Nicholas Sparks' novel The Lucky One
  • Thibault of Montigni"the kindest soul alive" in Quentin Durward (1823) by Sir Walter Scott