Baby Name DNA: Noble

The Noble Type

The Noble Type

If your Baby Name DNA contains a strong element of Noble, you may be highly intelligent and cultured, with an interest in the quirkier corners of history and tradition. The names your prefer tend to be traditional, dignified, rare, standing apart from -- some might say above -- the crowd.

If You're a Noble

People whose Baby Name DNA profile contains a strong element of Noble tend to be idiosyncratic yet elegant and refined. Noble name lovers are usually highly intelligent and cultured, with an interest in the more arcane corners of history and quirkier kinds of tradition.

If you’ve got Noble figuring heavily in your Name DNA, you might have been the only major at your college in something super niche like Medieval Studies. You might be a professor of Latin, a specialist in art restoration, or a medical researcher. While you have a respect for your family lineage and social conventions, you may be most comfortable alone.

As parents, Nobles set a high tone for their children. You may place an emphasis on good manners, arrange for lessons in ballet or violin, choose a school with a solid academic foundation over one that emphasizes the arts or experimental education. You probably want your children to be successful though not necessarily social or popular.

Noble namers usually research the names they’re considering and know everything from the name’s root meaning to the stories behind the figures, historic or familial, real or fictional, who carried those names before. They prefer names with high-born connections and inspirational stories, names that connect their child to worthy namesakes over the ages.

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Least Compatible Type



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Noble Names

Names that fit the Noble Baby Name DNA type are traditional, dignified, yet rare — different from the names most people have, at least in the contemporary world. These cool, unusual names may be drawn from history, mythology, and literature. Yet despite their centuries of use, they stand apart from — some might say above — the crowd.

Noble names may feel plucked straight off the family tree of minor European royals. If your Name DNA profile is dominated by the Noble type, you want to confer upon your child an image that's undeniably classy yet a little bit eccentric. Noble names include such choices such as Leonora and Leopold, Flora and Floyd.

Some of the names classified as Noble might be thought strange or even downright ugly by the general population, but rather than being a turn-off that usually makes the name even more appealing to someone with a strong streak of Noble in their Baby Name DNA. Rather than being afraid of following your own individual vision, if you love Noble names you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some Favorite Noble Names

Noble Lists

Celebrities with Noble Names

Ansel Elgort

Princess Eugenie

Ewan McGregor

Cecily Tyson

Gwyneth Paltrow

Salman Rushdie

Vernon Jordan

Celebrity Kids

Beaumont Gino (Jordan Peele)

Devereaux Octavian Basil (Mick Jagger)

Giulietta (Jessica Chastain)

Olympia (Serena Williams)

Vittorio Genghis (Hope Solo)

Fictional and Historic Figures

Noble Queen Guinevere


Conan the Barbarian

Queen Guinevere

Hermione Granger, Harry Potter


Percy the Tank Engine

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Sirius Snape, Harry Potter

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