Baby Name DNA: Leader

The Leader Type

The Leader Type

If you fit the Leader Baby Name DNA type, you are probably well-liked and highly successful. Your favorite names tend to be popular with many types of people but also pass the test of names that might win you a seat on the Supreme Court.

If You're a Leader

People whose Baby Name DNA is heavily dominated by the Leader type are often the pillars of society. If your Name DNA is strong in Leader, you’re likely the kind of person who excelled at school, who was President of classes and clubs, who graduated with minimal drama and maximum success.

Leaders tend to be confident and well-liked and to thrive in large organizations, rising up the ranks easily. At work, a someone who tends toward the Leader style may be more comfortable being the boss than one of a team or an entrepreneur.

As parents, Leaders are usually clear about their role as heads of the family. While they may be close with friends, relatives, and community groups, they set their own style and then find the organization that’s right for them rather than conforming to someone else’s vision.

People whose Baby Name DNA type is primarily Leader usually model the behavior they want from their children, and have high expectations for success. They want their children to fit into society but also to be high achievers, at the head of the pack. To Leaders, substance is more valuable than style, adhering to tradition more important than chasing trends

Remember that while Leader may be your primary type, your Baby Name DNA is as unique as you are, and your personalized name lists will draw in names from several types based on your individual tastes and preferences.

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Leader Names

Names that fit the Leader Baby Name DNA type are widely accepted and popular with many types of people but also have dignity and formality. Family names that have been used over the generations often fit into the Leader type. Leader names definitely pass the test of names that might win you a seat on the Supreme Court.

Leader names are clearly recognized as traditional first names: Asher rather than Ashton, Eleanor not Ellery. And Leader names are usually the full formal version: William and Charlotte, not Will or Charlie.

If your Baby Name DNA contains a strong element of Leader, you probably see popularity as a plus not a minus for a name, and definitely spell and pronounce names in the traditional way rather than inventing your own spin on things. That’s not to say that every name that fits the Leader category is super buttoned-up: More unusual choices like Langston and Octavia qualify. But you’re just as comfortable choosing a name like Emma or Oliver that’s in the Top 10.

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Least Compatible Type



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Some Favorite Leader Names

Leader Name Lists

Celebrities with Leader Names

William and Catherine of England, along with George, Charlotte, and Louis

George Clooney

Octavia Spencer

Paul McCartney

Pope Francis

Martha Stewart

Celebrity Babies

Benjamin Allen (Andy Cohen)

David (Bar Refaeli)

Harold/Hal (Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach)

Rose Dorothy (Scarlett Johansson)

Spencer (Mindy Kaling)

Fictional and Historic Figures

leader mlk

Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Atticus Finch, To Kill a Mockingbird

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Desmond Tutu

Eloise at the Plaza

Colin Powell

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