Baby Name DNA: Romantic

The Romantic Type

The Romantic Type

With the Romantic type prominent in your Name DNA, you may be a creative dreamer who is also successful in the real world. The names you prefer are deeply rooted and warm but are also rare and uncommon, just like the great romances of history.

If You're a Romantic

People whose Baby Name DNA is primarily Romantic are often lifelong dreamers. You probably use creative outlets such as writing or art to express yourself, and likely have since you were a child. But Romantics are unlikely to get carried away in their dreams. They remain grounded and value their role in society at large.

In school, people whose Name DNA profile is predominantly Romantic likely studied hard but made time for their personal passions. They thrive in jobs where they can be recognized for their creativity, usually within a larger, non-creative context. Romantics are drawn to roles in art direction, marketing, or journalism.

As parents, Romantics are keen to develop their children’s sense of individuality. A Romantic parent will encourage exploration of interests and style, but remain present to guide the child along the way, if necessary. Romantics want their children to be unique but they also want them to be accepted by society. There is a strong focus on raising warm, compassionate children who will appreciate the one-of-a-kind perspective of each person they come across in life.

Remember that while Romantic may be your primary type, your Baby Name DNA is as unique as you are, and your personalized lists will draw in names from several different types based on your individual preferences.

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Most Compatible Types



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Least Compatible Type



While they may be widely-admired and imitated, Star names are also cool and self-contained. Read more about Star.

Romantic Names

Romantic names are deeply rooted and warm but are also rare and uncommon, just like the great romances of history. Names that fit Baby Name DNA’s Romantic type may make your child seem friendly and emotionally available while also maintaining his or her individuality. These names include such lovable, unusual, yet traditional choices as Kit and Rafi, Juno and Elvis.

Romantic names are usually long-established, even if they were never particularly popular. Many Romantic names have ties to literature or history, stories these parents wish to share with their children. These inspired Romantic names have classic roots and inspirational namesakes.

If your primary Baby Name DNA type is Romantic, you probably want your child to have a name that reflects their uniqueness, and that means a name that he or she won’t have to share with any other student in class (and hopefully the entire school). A Top 100 name is out of the question, potentially even a Top 1000 name. However, it is important to you that the name is widely recognized and accepted, so you might choose to use a spin on a currently popular name, perhaps Zadie over Sadie, or Levon rather than Levi.

Some Favorite Romantic Names

Romantic Name Lists

Celebrities with Romantic Names

Denzel Washington

Giada DeLaurentiis

Sacha Baron-Cohen

Viola Davis

Celebrity Babies

Colette Koala (Macklemore)

Milou (Tessa & Barron Hilton)

Rafa (Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale)

Seraphina (Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck)

Suri (Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise)

Vanja (Chloe Sevigny)

Fictional and Historic Figures

Roman mythology names

Cosette, Les Miserables

Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld

Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

Elvis Presley


Linus, Charlie Brown


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