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By Sophie Kihm

It’s been a trend in recent years for celebrities to delay the release of their baby’s name—usually for a few weeks, even months. However, actors Peter Dinklage and Josh Hartnett have never revealed the names of their children, and their daughters are five and two years old, respectively! Now they both have a second child on the way—will we find out the names of those babies, or continue to be left in the dark?

We also have some stars this month expecting Irish twins—two siblings born less than a year apart. Supermodel Bar Refaeli is pregnant for the second time, only months after giving birth to her daughter Liv. Lauren Gregory and Thomas Rhett were in the process of adopting a baby from Africa when they found out they were pregnant with a little girl. Now they have two babies on the way that should arrive around the same time. How will these celebrities go about naming their Irish twins? I have my predictions, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Erica Schmidt and Peter Dinklage

Gender: unknown

Siblings: sister (name not released)

Peter Dinklage has managed to keep his daughter’s name a secret for over five years, but rumors abound that her name is Zelig. According to Peter, this is not true, although it seems like a fitting name for the couple. Both of their surnames are of Germanic origin, and Zelig is a Yiddish derivation of the German name Selig. Keeping that in mind, I chose some similarly strong and quirky names for their next child.

Girl: Agnes, Editha, Elza, Francie. Frieda, Hettie, Hilda, Ilsa, Meret, Tresa

Boy: Alric, Anton, Bruno, Jannick, Kaiser, Rainier, Raymond, Roderick, Rollo

Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett

Gender: unknown

Siblings: sister (name not released)

Like the Dinklages, Tamsin Egerton and Josh Hartnett have never released the name of their daughter. However, given Tamsin‘s British heritage, I’d wager that their little girl (and her upcoming sibling) has a name with some serious English style.

Girl: Edie, Elena, Eloise, Felicity, Iris, Libby, Lydia, Millie, Orla, Poppy

Boy: Arlo, Dashiell, Elias, Finlay, Harry, Jasper, Luca, Rory, Tobias, Theo

Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg

Gender: girl

Siblings: MaximaMax

Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan chose the clunky-cool name Maxima for their daughter in 2015, but call her by the tomboyish nickname Max. Now they’re expecting their second daughter—will we see another long Latin name with a sassy nickname?

Girl: Aurelia, Avalon, Cecily, Livia, Lucia, Minerva, Noa, Romilly, Rosette

Xosha Roquemore and Lakeith Stanfield

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Xosha Roquemore was named after the Xhosa people—a tribe originally from South Africa. Her father got the idea after researching South African tribes for a play he was directing, and Xosha herself went on to study in Ghana during her college years. It’s clear that African culture is important to Xosha and her family, which makes me predict her baby will have a name with some African influence.

Girl: Amara, Kaia, Kessie, Lissa, Marjani, Nia, Nyala, Sekai, Shona, Zella

Boy: Ayo, Kayin, Kofi, Kwame, Lekan, Massai, Obi, Odion, Taye, Zaire

Casey Wilson and David Caspe

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Max Red

Comedian Casey Wilson and her producer husband David Caspe may have played it safe (by celebrity standards) with the first name Max for their son, but kicked it up a notch with the very bold Red for his middle name. I have a feeling they’ll follow a similar pattern for their next son or daughter, so I chose some well-liked, somewhat trendy names for the baby’s first name.

Girl: Clare, Daisy, Evie, Frankie, Ivy, Kate, Kit, Phoebe, Piper, Sadie, Tess

Boy: Charlie, Finn, Gray, Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Luke, Nate, Owen, Rhys

Elvira Lind and Oscar Isaac

Gender: unknown

Siblings: none

Oscar Isaac is Guatemalan-American, while his girlfriend Elvira Lind is Danish. It may come as a surprise considering Denmark and Guatemala are halfway across the world from each other, but there are actually quite a few names that are used in both countries. I’ve listed some of them here, along with names I think have the potential to cross over.

Girl: Alba, Amada, Camila, Elena, Isla, Liv, Luna, Maya, Nessa, Signe, Sofia

Boy: Arlo, Bastien, Casper, Hugo, Jonathan, Marco, Otto, Soren, Teo, Viggo

Bar Refaeli and Adi Ezra

Gender: unknown

Siblings: Liv

Just seven months after the birth of her daughter Liv, Bar Refaeli has announced that she’s pregnant again! Bar and her husband Adi are Israeli, and even though Liv is a Scandinavian name, it works well with many Hebrew names. I’m guessing we’ll see another short name (maybe also containing the “it” letter V) for Liv‘s Irish twin.

Girl: Alma, Alva, Avia, Evie, Maya, Mika, Naomi, Niva, Tali, Zadie

Boy: Ash, Bram, Eli, Micah, Nevo, Omri, Oren, Rom. Shai, Tal, Uri

Lauren Gregory and Thomas Rhett Akins

Gender: girl and unknown

Siblings: none

Country singer Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are expecting a baby girl, and are in the process of adopting a baby (of unknown gender) from Africa. The couple has said they want to use family names, and are open to feminizations of male names for their daughter. Thomas is a junior himself, so if the adopted baby is a boy, could there be a Thomas Rhett Akins III?

Girl: Grace, Gracen, Greta, Kasey, Leah, Macy, Paige, Retta, Tamsin

Boy: Everett, Grayson, Gregor, Gregory, Lawrence, Lee, Rhett, Thomas

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August 30th, 2017 at 10:55 pm

[…] instinctive to compare the two sisters’ names, so here we go. Both have Latin origins (as Sophie correctly predicted), like their parents’ names. Both have an on-trend sound: in the US top 1000, there are 3 August- […]

x14556 Says:

February 6th, 2018 at 8:53 pm

I find the repeated use of the term “Irish twins” in this article extremely offensive. I am surprised Nameberry allowed this racist remark to be re-published here.

I know this young woman is only a college freshman and has much to learn about the world, but she should think before she speaks (or types). During the potato famine in the 1840s, roughly 1 million Irish died, and others sneered that the Irish should learn to live within their means instead of birthing so many Catholic babies. The stereotype persists today, but it doesn’t make it right.

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