Valentine Names: Romancing the Name

February 11, 2011 Linda Rosenkrantz

Here is our annual Valentine’s Day blog—think of it as a love letter to  the whole community of Berries.

Valentine‘s Day certainly isn’t the only time we can think about names related to love, but it does present an opportunity to look at the theme–names that will make a child feel especially adored–and its many variations.

First of all, there are the Valentine names that relate most directly to the holiday and its traditional symbols:

Then there are the words-of-endearment names, though some of them might be wiser to use in the middle spot, as in Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Tobey Maguire’s daughter Ruby Sweetheart and Kate Winslet’s Mia Honey:

And you could push it to Tiamo and Jetadore.

Then there are names with the literal meaning of ‘love’ or ‘beloved’, found in almost every culture:

In the pantheons of the mythologies of most early cultures, both eastern and western, there is usually both a god and a goddess of love. Here are some of the most usable examples:

And finally,  let’s not forget the great lovers of legend and history, many having beautiful names. But do keep in mind that quite a few of them came to a tragic end:


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