Diminutive of Candace
"white, pure, sincere"

Candy Origin and Meaning

The name Candy is a girl's name .

Too sugary sweet and inconsequential for a modern girl.

# 947 in the US

Candy Rank in US Top 1000

Candy Popularity

Famous People Named Candy

  • Candy Darling (born James Lawrence Slattery)American actress and Andy Warhol associate
  • Carole Gene "Candy" SpellingAmerican author and TV personality; widow of producer Aaron Spelling
  • Candace June "Candy" ClarkAmerican actress
  • Candy Alt CrowleyAmerican news anchor
  • Candy Barr (born Juanita Dale Slusher)American model, actress and dancer
  • Candy Jones (born Jessica Arline Wilcox)American model and radio personality
  • Candy HsuTaiwanese singer,songwriter and actress
  • Candy LoHong,Kong singer,songwriter
  • Candy ChenTaiwanese actress, singer and TV personality
  • Candy ReynoldsAmerican tennis player
  • Candy DulferDutch saxophonist
  • Candice Kathleen "Candy" AthertonEnglish politician

Candy in Pop Culture

  • Candice (Candy) Patricia Westermanmain female character in Scarlett Avery’s book “Undeniable Fascination”.
  • Candy Stokercharacter on TV's "My Name Is Earl"
  • Candy Kendallcharacter in movie "The Cider House Rules"
  • Candy Christiancharacter in "Candy" by Maxwell Kenton and 1968 movie
  • Candy Chocharacter in the animated series Gravity Falls
  • Candy Kongape in the Donkey Kong video game series
  • Candice "Candy" Southerncharacter in Marvel's X,Men comics
  • Candice Jean "Candy" Gennaro aka Sapphirecharacter in DC's Power Company comics
  • DJ Candycharacter in the MySims video game series
  • Etta Candycharacter in Wonder Woman comics
  • Candymale character in John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"
  • Candycharacter on animated series "Dave the Barbarian"
  • Candycharacter in anime "Smile PreCure!"
  • Candy Caramellacharacter on animated series "Space Goofs"
  • Candy Smilescharacter on TV's "Cory in the House"
  • Candice "Candy" White Audreymain character in anime "Candy Candy"
  • Candycharacter in "Liar and Spy" by Rebecca Stead
  • Candycharacter in "Spring Breakers" by Harmony Korine
  • "Candy" novel by Kevin Brooks and its main character
  • "Candy" novel by Luke Davies, 2006 film, and its main character
  • "Candy" song by Robbie Williams
  • "I Want Candy" song by the Strangeloves
  • "Candy" song by Gavin DeGraw