"delicate, dainty"

Mignon Origin and Meaning

The name Mignon is a girl's name of French origin meaning "delicate, dainty".

Charming French endearment, first used as a name by Goethe, that now makes an appealing choice -- though the proper feminine form is Mignonne. Note, though, that this is not actually used as a name in France, where Manon would be the closest choice.

Mignon is the leading character, a young Italian dancer, in Goethe's novel Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, upon which an eponymous opera was based. Mignon Eberhart was a popular American mystery writer.

The name is also associated with the flower name Mignonette.

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Famous People Named Mignon

  • Mignonnickname for Marie of Romania, Queen consort of Ferdinand I of Romania
  • Mignon AndersonAmerican silent film actress
  • Mignon BaerGerman punk musician
  • Mignon Clyburnhead of the U.S Federal Communications Commission
  • Mignon du PreezSouth African cricketer
  • Mignon Good EberhartAmerican mystery novelist (born Mignonette Good)
  • Mignon Fogarty aka Grammar GirlAmerican blogger
  • Mignon McLaughlinAmerican journalist and author
  • Mignon NevadaEnglish opera singer
  • Mignon TalbotAmerican paleontologist
  • Eloise MignonAustralian actress
  • Amalia Mignon "Minnie" HaukAmerican opera singer

Mignon in Pop Culture

  • "Mignon" opera by Ambroise Thomas and its main character
  • "Modeste Mignon" novel by Honoré de Balzac and its main character
  • Bebe MignonKorean ballad group
  • Filet mignon (literally "cute/dainty fillet")type of beef steak
  • "Les mignons" derogatory term for the frivolous and fashionable young courtiers of King Henry III of France
  • Translated literally in French this means 'cute'