Cute Baby Names

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Cute baby names might be on board for your doll, your pet, your bump, or maybe even your baby. What makes a name cute? Nickname-names often qualify as cute, as do names that end in o or the ee sound, such as Theo and Maisie. The biggest concern: That your adorable baby will outgrow his or her cute name. But cute baby names often come complete with buttoned-up formal versions. can just embrace the cute!

Along with Maisie and Theo, other cute names for babies in the US Top XX include Arlo, Daisy, Gus, Hattie, Milo, Molly, Oscar, and Poppy. Beware that many cute baby names that could work for your child are especially popular among dogs, such as Buddy, Coco, Pepper, and Teddy.

Here are some prime examples of cute baby names that are in style today. For more information and many more names, check out our complete guide to cute names for boys and girls.

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