The Craziest Baby Names of 2015

May 12, 2016 Linda Rosenkrantz

The newly released Social Security list of popular baby names reveals the awesome ingenuity and inventiveness of parents in 2015 when it came to spellings, plays on conventional names and sheer creativity. But there are times when creative crosses over into crazy. The 12 names below, all of them given to at least five American babies last year– earning them a place on the extended popularity list–are our picks for the craziest of the crazy new names. By Linda Rosenkrantz


Royal and other aspirational names have become epidemic among both celebrities and civilians. This particular religeo-royal smoosh was given to 6 boys last year. In addition, there were several Kweens, 17 Contesssas, 10 Duchesses, as well as Emperors, Czars, Pharoahs, Gods, Gurus and Bosses.


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