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By Sophie Kihm

We’re only two months into 2017, and already we have been blessed with the two best pregnancy announcements of the year (dare I say decade?). Yes, both Beyoncé and Amal Clooney are pregnant. Better yet—they’re each having twins. The Carters and Clooneys are American royalty, and these will be treated as regal pregnancies. So start placing your bets! What are the odds of a Queen Carter or Warren Clooney (500/1? 2500/1?)? I’m not quite sure, but I am confident that whatever the names of these noble children, they will make international headlines. 

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Why I Named my Son Jayne

By Meagan Botterill, Todays Parent

I’m going to talk about my son Jayne.

Jayne is a sometimes happy, sometimes whiny, always snuggly terror of a two-and-a-half-year-old. Basically, he’s a typical toddler. Jayne is also big. He’s tall and very dense, and people constantly think he’s older than he is. I’m giving you this detail for a reason that will make sense in a bit.

He also has a traditionally female name: Jayne. There is no difference in how it is pronounced and no, we don’t shorten it and call him Jay, or Arthur (his middle name) or Wyatt (another middle name). His name is Jayne.

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8 Things About Twins You May Not Know

By Erica Loop, Brit + Co

Twins, twins, they’re everywhere! Or at least, it seems like it. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are expecting twins, and so are George and Amal Clooney. But they’re not the only superstar celebs who are going to be pulling double duty when it comes to raising kiddos — Madonna also recently adopted twin four-year-old girls from Malawi. With all the twinning out there, we’re bringing you the lowdown on these mini multiples.

1. The twin birth rate peaked in 2014. The twin birth rate rose a whopping 76 percent between the years 1980 and 2009, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). In 2014, twinning reached a record high. But in 2015 the rate declined… slightly (from 33.9 to 33.5 out of every 1,000 births). Even though there’s an ever so small dip in the twin birth rate, in 2015 alone 133,155 babies were born in twin deliveries!

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Which Baby Gadgets Do You Really Need?

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By Erica Loop, Brit+Co

Every day it seems like there’s a brand new baby gizmo, pregnancy gadget or totally techy item that you absolutely, positively have to buy — like, right now. Your baby still has a few more weeks (or maybe even months) to cook, but you’re already on the hunt for the latest, greatest gear. Before you start stockpiling everything with an “e-” slapped on the front, take a moment to think about how much you really, truly need it. You may actually end up using that space-age baby monitor everyone’s drooling over — but you should know which e-items will just end up being expensive dust-catchers.


1. Wipe Warmer: This isn’t exactly super-duper-fancy high tech, but it’s probably a step above what your own mama had for you. Do you need it? No. Seriously, this is a waste of a baby shower registry pick. Unless you’re all about buying yourself a TP heater, skip the wipe warmer. If your home gets cold enough that the ambient air temp will chill baby’s wipes to the point of freezing, you’ve got bigger concerns.

2. Crazy-Fancy Video Monitor: Believe it or not, there used to be a time when the shrill cry of a newborn woke Mom up in the middle of the night. (Oh yeah, that was yesterday.) No one is saying that you shouldn’t know what baby is up to: When they’re in their crib, you don’t want to wonder, “Gee, are they okay?” At the same time, you don’t want to create your own sleepless nights by gluing your bleary eyes to the video screen. (It’s a crazy-maker for new moms.) The regular ol’ audio-only version will totally alert you if there’s an issue. If your room happens to be anywhere near baby’s, you might not even need that.

3. Movement Monitor: Sure, this is a completely necessary gadget… for some households. If your baby has a medical condition or another issue requiring constant monitoring, your doctor may recommend one. But if your baby has no problems it’s a bit much. It’s cool that you can download an app to check out how much your baby is moving in their crib, but this type of high-tech monitor won’t replace your watchful eye or safe sleeping standards (such as placing baby on their back and keeping fluffy, puffy, quilty items out of the crib).

4. Care Timer: You say you want to set up a schedule for those oh-so-essential care activities? This gadget lets you program in diaper changes, sleep times and feedings. But do you really think you’ll forget to change baby’s diaper if there’s not a beeping, blinking alarm telling you to do it? Probably not. That magical aroma coming from your kiddo’s bottom will do much more than a timer ever could.

5. Formula Dispenser: You already have a set of measuring cups, right? Chances are that at some point you felt enough like a grown up to buy yourself this kitchen staple, even if you don’t cook much (or ever). Pressing down a button and getting the just-right amount of powdered formula dispensed into a bottle sounds nice, but it’s not at all necessary. Especially if you’re nursing!


1. Breast Pump: We’re not talking about just any old breast pump here. The super low-tech kind that uses some sort of suction-y, hand-worked arrangement isn’t exactly effective. If you don’t have time to spare (and who does?), you won’t be able to make the most of your pumping sessions without a more tech-savvy version. If you’re looking for a crazy-easy, amazing pump, this spring brings you Willow. It’s a wearable breast pump that fits into your bra without external tubes, cords or bottles dangling from your boobs. Bonus: It’s got a tracking app!

2. Paci-Thermometer: (shown) Your newborn will not open and say “ahhhh” when you try to take their temp. They can’t hold your grown-up thermometer in their mouth, and even if you do it for them, they certainly won’t keep their lips zipped long enough to get a good reading. That means… well, you know where the thermometer has to go. A pacifier version is much easier, for everyone involved! It’s one of the most inexpensive baby gadgets out there, making it a must for new mamas.

3. Your PhoneDon’t go asking for a new one on your registry or anything, but your smart phone is THE go-to piece of baby tech, with something like a zillion uses. There are apps galore, for everything from playing white noise to getting a quick reference cheat sheet on infant safety and first aid. That’s not to mention the wealth of info available online through that tiny computer in your hands. Along with apps and access to the internet, your phone also has that very necessary camera for taking photos and vids to share straight to IG and FB.

What’s your must-have baby gadget?

Erica Loop is a freelance writer living in Pittsburgh. When she’s not busy creating kids’ activities for her blog Mini Monets and Mommies, you can find her trying to hang out with her teenage son, being chased by her two Olde Boston Bulldogs or teaching a children’s karate class (she’s a third degree black belt!).

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By Tiana Putric

The names of many American states have been used by parents of the past –– Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington –– as well as others more popular with parents of today –– Carolina, Dakota, Georgia, Montana, and Virginia. But it’s interesting to note that there are other names, lesser-known ones, which lay hidden within the names of a number of US states.

Here are some unique appellations from America’s past that could be of interest to anyone looking for something truly exceptional.

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