October Starbabies: Zhuri Nova and Maverick Zhang

October Starbabies: Zhuri Nova and Maverick Zhang

By CaraMichelle

Although there aren’t too many A-listers on the starbaby list this month, there are some interesting choices, such as LeBron James‘s daughter Zhuri Nova, and boys named Soren, Stefan and Simcha.  And in addition, three sets of twins,–two both boys and one all-girl.

And here they are—the full list of celebrity October baby names:


Alexandria Claire and Athena Olivia (Joe Francis and Abbey Wilson)

Luke Ainsworth and Wesley Ray, brothers of Bear and Waylon (Cory and Sherry Morrow)

Christian and Christopher (T.Y. Bello)


Alexandra Kalliope (Debbie Matenopoulos and Jon Falcone)Amelia (Brad Witt and Rebekah West)Arabella, sister of Lillie and Karl (Rebecca Ferguson)Carey, sister of Max (James and Julia Corden)–Carey is Julia Corden’s maiden nameJane, sister of Patrick (Claire Byrne and Jerry Scollan)Kennedy Taylor (Bucky Covington and Katherine Cook)Zhuri Nova, sister of Bryce and LeBron, Jr. (LeBron and Savannah James)


Bradley Gilvin (Zach and Whitney Bates)Cash Aaron (Clint and Laura Bowyer)Charlton Valentine, brother of Theodora (Robbie Williams and Ayda Field)Declan (Patrick Stump and Elisa Yao)Emmanuel (Ninel Conde and Giovanni Medina)Ford Miller, brother of Logan (Ryan Murphy and David Miller)Gus Williams (Ashley Williams and Neal Dodson)Luca (Brad Richards and Rechelle Jenkins)Maverick Zhang (Ernie and Cindy Halvorsen)Simcha, brother of Asher (Randi Zuckerberg and Brent Tworetzsky)Soren Huia, brother of Taane and Barry (Anika Moa)Stefan (Novak Djokovic and Jelena Ristic)

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