New Baby Names: lovely October arrivals!

New Baby Names: lovely October arrivals!

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Once again, there are an exceptionally large number of twin births among the Berries this month, a mix of girl-girl, boy-boy and girl-boy:

Alexander Merlin and Imogen Persephone

Anneliese Luna and Arielle Sofia

Calliope Frances and Iris Mary

Emmeline Samantha and Theodore Alexander

Graham Daniel and Rory Benjamin

Hunter Belle and Isobel Lilah

Also noted: the preponderance of girl babies, and especially girls whose first initial is a vowel—A, E, I and O!

Most unusual first name: a girl named Rowe; tribute middle name of Kahlo

Here’s the full list of October baby names chosen by our Berries:


Ada Louise, sister of Audrey Pearl, Jack and Jameson

Adelaide Claire

Alice Caroline

Alice was one of my favorite names and luckily DH loved it when I first brought it up. It’s short and sweet and matches our long German last name rather well if I do say so myself.”

Anneliese Luna, twin of Arielle Sofia, sister of Adelaide Erin

Arielle Sofia, twin of Anneliese Luna, sister of Adelaide Erin

Calliope Frances, twin of Iris Mary and sister of Elinor Louisa and Archer Edward

Emmeline Samantha, twin of Theodore Alexander

“We chose Theodore and Emmeline because we adore the names and my husband likes more traditional names I loved the old timey feel they both had. Plus they went together nicely without being matchey, matchey.”

Hunter Belle Glynn, twin of Isobel Lilah Glynn and sister of Innes Glynn and HollieRose

Imogen Persephone, twin of Alexander Merlin

Iona Ruth Ann, sister of Anders Llewellyn and Gregor Angus

“Her middle names are after her great grandmothers and her first was “whispered” into my ear while walking on the beach early in my pregnancy.”

Iris Mary, twin of Calliope Frances and sister of Elinor Louisa and Archer Edward

Isobel Lilah Glynn, twin of Hunter Belle Glynn and sister of Innes Glynn and HollieRose

Glynn is my mother’s maiden name and all our children have it in their names.”

Ivy Eleanor, sister of Autumn Cecily and Quinn Augustine

Layla Clementine, sister of Raven and Daisy

Lenora Bliss, sister of Delmer, Atticus and June

“She is named after my Great Grandma Nora, and her middle name after my maiden name, Bliss.”

Lucy June, sister of Jasper Kingsley, Felix James and Jack Stuart

“We use Lulu and Lulu-belle as nicknames”

Melody Eliza

“We chose the first name Melody because it made me smile when I heard it.”

Maysa Delphine, sister of Majken Wren

Mona Margot, sister of Paolo Sanin

Olive Josephine, sister of Maverick Elwood

Oona Beatrice Kahlo, sister of Lola Margaret and Indigo Jack

Her middle name, Beatrice, is after my mother…Kahlo is after my favorite artist and one of my greatest heroes, Frida Kahlo….We’re calling her little Frida between us. My parents-in-law have been referring to her as OonaBee and we think it’s adorable.”

Phoebe Ann, sister of Lucy Marie

Rowe Elinore, sister of Willa Magnolia, Wyatt Augustus and Sawyer Michael

Serafina Juliet

Sophie Isabel Mary

“We liked Sophia too, but ultimately Sophie flowed better with our surname and seems to be decreasing in popularity whilst Sophia/Sofia is on the up.”

Tallulah Maeve MiYeon, sister of Desmond Colm TaekYeon


Alexander Merlin, twin of Imogen Persephone

Desmond Scot, brother of Gwenevere Marie

Gabriel Calvin Pierce, twin of Miles Henry Graham

“We followed my husband’s family tradition of two middle names. The first middles are after very special people in our lives, and the second are names that we loved.”

Graham Daniel, twin of Rory Benjamin and brother of Elena Rose

“We had Graham’s name picked out for a couple of days before I went into labor, but we were still slightly shaky on it. Mostly, it was due to the fear that people would mispronounce his name, calling him “Gram” rather than “Gray-um.” However we decided it wasn’t that big of a deal. We love to call him Gray! Daniel is the name of my father, who has been wonderfully supportive of me and my family throughout my entire life.”

Miles Henry Graham, twin of Gabriel Calvin Pierce

“As for nicknames, Gabriel has the obvious one of Gabe. Miles, however, has received a different nickname for now. While pregnant, we dubbed them “Chip and Dale” and for some reason, Chip stuck.”

Rory Benjamin, twin of Graham Daniel and brother of Elena Rose

Rory’s name was much more of a struggle. Our daughter has trouble pronouncing her “r’s,” so we were very concerned about her butchering his name into “Worwy.”

Simon Altair, brother of Julia Aysen and Alice Rhiannon

“At the end of the pregnancy it was down to either Henry or Simon as his first name, while Altair was set as his middle pretty early on. After some great Berry commentary, we had set our minds on Simon.

Theodore Alexander, twin of Emmeline Samantha

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Linda Rosenkrantz

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