Scottish place-name

Iona Origin and Meaning

The name Iona is girl's name of Scottish origin.
This name of a small island off the coast of Scotland is trending upwards along with other I names.

Iona Popularity

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Famous People Named Iona

  • Iona Margaret Balfour (Archibald) OpieEnglish folklorist
  • Iona Victoria CampagnoloCanadian politician; 27th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
  • (Elizabeth) Iona BrownEnglish violinist
  • Iona WynterJamaican triathlete
  • Olivia Iona Louise Langdonwife of American novelist Mark Twain
  • Iona Emmanuilovich YakirRussian male Red Army commander

Iona in Pop Culture

  • Ionacharacter in film "Pretty in Pink"
  • Iona McNaircharacter in 'Sky Hawk' by Gill Lewis
  • Iona Payne aka Molly Dawescharacter on TV's "Forever"
  • Iona MacLeancharacter on British TV series "Monarch of the Glen"
  • IonaShield of Emeria, angel in Zendikar, a Magic: The Gathering expansion set
  • Ionaa Fog Mental Model in manga/anime Arpeggio of Blue Steel
  • Hikawa Ionacharacter in anime HappinessCharge PreCure!
  • Ionain Celtic lore, one of Earth's "thin places" where the veil with heaven is worn thin. A deeply spiritual spot, inhabited since prehistoric times & always deemed sacred , long before the coming of Christianity. A testimony to this is the island's name itself: Celtic *yewo "yew"
  • Iona MonasteryIreland, birthplace of the Book of Kells
  • Iona CollegeNew York, USA
  • Ionaalso a Russian variation of Jonah