June Babyberries: Wow! 4 sets of twins!


By Linda Rosenkrantz

This surely must be a record–a bonaza of four pairs of twin babyberries in one month!  And, of course, all have beautiful June baby names. The three girl-boy pairs and one girl-girl are:

Larissa Orchid Celeste and Richard Henry Celio

Wesley James and Juliet Elise

Britton Adelaide Kenzli and Jackson Luke Zachariah

Ingrid Adele and Odette Frances

Lots of other interesting choices as well–a girl named Sinclaire, boys named Kiefer and O’Neill, middle names Reverie, Hawthorne and AxEl (sic). Also noted: boy names featuring the letter Z–Ezra, Ezekiel, Lazlo— and jewel names Ruby and Opal for girls.

The complete list:



Aisha was the wife of the prophet Mohammed who was considered an important source of knowledge by the Muslims back then (and now). I wanted baby girl to have a name that reminds her of this powerful woman in Islam, and the importance of educating herself on her rights and religion. The name also goes back at least 6 generations in my husband’s family.”

Britton Adelaide Kenzli, twin of Jackson Luke Zachariah and sister of Sebastian Rhys, Kaidan Levi Blake and Evelyn Piper

Camila Marguerite, sister of Magdalena (Lena) Michelle and Joseph Jeffrey (Joey)

Clementine Rosalie, sister of Lila Riley and Declan Kai

Dulce Esmeralda

Gabriela Valentina, sister of Isaak, Isabella and Julian

Imogen Clare, sister of Samson and Emmett

Ingrid (Indie) Adele, twin sister to Odette (Etta) Frances, sister to Eleanor

“I suggested these at the beginning of the pregnancy (before we knew there were two) but my husband crossed them off the list very early on…When we were only days away from getting induced, the names were thrown back into the small pool of names to consider, but this time by him and I didn’t feel like I could commit. The girls remained nameless for two days before I felt ready to commit but we are so very glad we (I) did.”

Juliet Elise, twin of Wesley James, sister of Teagan Olivia, Emma Grace, Ava Noelle and Eden Aubrielle

Juniper Elise, sister of Lillian Jolie

Larissa Orchid Celeste, twin of Richard Henry Celio, sister of Robert Louis, Lillian Rain and Laura Jean

Larissa—We chose this name because we are both into mythology and this was the name of a nymph. Orchid—These were the flowers in my bouquet and the favorite flowers of both mine and my husband’s grandmothers. “(See more about these twin choices here)

Nell Reverie, sister of Sylvan Melvin and Cosima Rose

Nella Margaret, sister of Annie Cecilia and Liam Michael

“We chose Nella as it is a derivative of Nell, which we loved and wanted to honour two aunts named HelenMargaret is in honour of my grandmother, and especially lovely as it means “Pearl“-the birthstone for June.”

Odette (Etta) Frances, twin sister of Ingrid (Indie) Adele and sister of Eleanor

Opal Everly, sister of Marie Olivia and Damian Daniel

Roisin Virginia, sister of Maeve Josephine

“I think Roisin is unusual even for Berries,..It is pronounced RO-sheen and is another Gaelic name. My mother-inllaw is named Rosaleen, and according to her off-the-boat Irish mother, Roisin is the Gaelic version. Virginia is named after my mother, Mary Virginia.”

Ruby Jayne

Saela Eliza, sister of Maeby Alana

Sinclaire Grace, sister of Karrigan Leigh


Alexander Lee, brother of Ella Rose

Archer Lawrence, brother of Elena Rose and Felicity Iris Ruth

Archer is a name we have loved for years now, a great way to get to the nickname Archie. So many reasons why we love Archer—It honors my dad whose middle name is Arthur, Orion the archer is my favorite constellation, my husband’s name is David, another long-range precision great.” For more see here.

Arlo Edward James, brother of Juniper Elise

Arlo has always been ‘our’ boys name, we love its old fashioned laid-back feel. I also love the fact that Arlo means Bayberry tree, giving it a special nature link to our daughter’s name. Edward was my beloved grandfather’s name and James is my husband’s and FIL’s name. We weren’t planning to use two middles but in the end we couldn’t decide between them and I like the rhythm with our 2 syllable surname…It was particularly special to me that we got to use both my grandparents’ names for out 2 children as they were so incredibly devoted to each other and have no other grandchildren.”

Ashton Henry Easton, brother to Jacob Hudson and Ramsay Beckett

Augusten Emery AxEl

Our “little” guy…tipped the scales at 11 lbs 1 oz. He obviously needed a big name to match his big self…Augusten: There are several variations of August on both sides of our family tree. We liked the German version the best. And it means “great’ which certainly fits our guy. We also like that there are several nickname options. We will call him Augusten for now and see which nn sticks later…Emery: We really would have liked to use this as a first name, but at 80% female in 2012 we couldn’t quite bring ourselves to give it to our son. This is also a name on both sides of the family…AxEl: Another we considered as a first but couldn’t imagine using daily. This was his great-grandfather’s first name. The capital E in the middle is the way he always spelled it. We love the meaning “bringer of peace” and thought we could use more of that in the world.”

Augustine Basilbrother of Linus Theodore and Polly Bloom

Calvin Lewisbrother of Savannah Leianne, Adelyn Elise, Elinor Charelle and Declan Dean

Denali Jackson

“It’s funny, because we’d tossed around the name Denali a bit (we are a quite outdoorsy family, and do adore Alaska, but it definitely wasn’t our number one name. However, when he was born it just fit him perfectly….His middle name is a family name that is very significant to us emotionally… Although we LOVE the name Denali, I do like that he has a common and meaningful name in the middle that he can fallback on if he grows up to be one of those kids who just doesn’t like going by something unusual.”

Dylan Matthew, brother of Cooper Thomas

Ezekiel (Zeke) Andrew

Ezra Nathaniel

Ezra, Gordon and Isaac were the 3 names that I was pretty much stuck between but when he was born, he just looked like an Ezra and I now couldn’t imagine him being anything else.”

Grayson Lawrence, brother of Harper Kay

Hugo Benjamin, brother of Arthur and Lucas

Isaac Archer Hathaway

Jackson Luke Zachariah, twin of Britton Adelaide Kenzli and brother of Sebastian Rhys, Kaidan Levi Blake and Evelyn Piper

Julian Hawthorne, brother of Quinn Alexander and Griffin Maxwell

We chose Julian because our eldest son told my husband and I… that if we ever had another baby we should call him Blue Jewels. We realized this was a fun homonym for Jules and decided to name our new baby Julian. We call him Jules/Jewels as a nickname. Hawthorne I selected as a middle name for a few different reasons. My maternal grandmother’s name was Florence and I wanted one of our children to have a botanical name in honor of her; hawthorn trees happen to bloom in May and have pretty flowers.”

Kiefer Bentley, brother of Declan Bronx

Lazlo Andy, brother of Quinn Ivy and Jarvis Paul

Lincoln James

“After narrowing girls names to Lilian or Anastasia, and boys names to Isaac, Nathaniel, Liam or Lincoln, we were surprised a few weeks early. They come quicker than you think! Pick those names!”

O’Neill Tobias, brother of Ainsley Ryann and Elliott W.

“O’Neill had been a favorite of mine for a while. I finally convinced hubby it sounds great with the sibset & our surname. Tobias means “God is good,” which represents out faith & how grateful we are for the blessing of three beautiful children!”

Owen Colin, brother of Connor James and Isla Caitlin

Richard Henry Celio, twin of Larissa Orchid Celeste, and brother of Robert Louis, Lillian Rain and Laura Jean

Theodore Arthur

Both names are names honoring people who are close to us. Ronan was a close contender but when I first laid eyes on him I just knew his name. Thankfully my husband agreed!”

Wesley James, twin of Juliet Elise, brother of Teagan Olivia, Emma Grace, Ava Noelle and Eden Aubrielle

Which of these names/first and middle combos/sibsets do you find particularly gorgeous?

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