Fresh Berrybaby Arrivals in July

Fresh Berrybaby Arrivals in July

By Linda Rosenkrantz

So, after all the discussion and deliberating,  what names have your fellow Berries finally picked for their babes this month? Some lovely choices of July baby names, as always.

Highlights include two little Louisas, twins Jasper Steven and Arthur Robert, and in first and middle place: Winslet and Wilhelmina, Casper and Caspian, Tulip, Juniper, Bear and Truth.

Influences include Walt Disney, Meriwether Lewis, and Vincent Van Gogh, as well as some inspiring and beloved family members.

Here they are:


Aurora Lucía

Corinna Beatrice Truth, nn Cora, sister of Evelyn Verna Mercy, Margaret Katherine Hope, Liliana Christina Joy, Dorothea Theresa Grace, Elisabeth Adeline Glory and Mariana Rosalie Faith

“Her first name comes from her maternal great-grandmother, a woman of great strength who mothered twelve children while sharing hospitality liberally with travelers, even in the heart of the Great Depression…her second name honours another woman of great strength, my maternal aunt Lucrecia Beatriz Milani. With tireless compassion for people and animals, she has spent a lifetime giving of herself to sacrificially care for others…We’ve chosen the simple English name Truth as her virtue name.”

Louisa Frances

Louisa Lior

Louisa was a name we just liked, as well as a subtle nod to adventurer and scientist Meriwether Lewis and author CS Lewis, who in addition to being a great author of fiction was also a great theologian who wrote prolifically in favor of the Christian faith using logic and heart.  We hope she has all these qualities.  Lior is a Hebrew name that means “I have a light”. We chose it to represent her Jewish heritage…We thought it fitting to give her an everlasting reminder of hope in these dark times.”

Mae Pamela, sister of Grant Leonard and William Daniel

Rayna Maelys, sister of Liora Alizée

“We chose Rayna for its Hebrew origins (like her sister’s name)…Our family is French-American and Nameberry helped us land on Maelys as her French middle, to honor a childhood friend of my husband’s, Mael.”

Wilhelmina Tulip, sister of Hugo Vincent, Larkspur Cynthia, Jasper Wyatt, Theda Rosemary, Maria Marigold and Rupert Willow

Wilhelmina was the name of an admirable Dutch queen that I was inspired to add to my list because I myself was named after Queen Juliana (Wilhelmina’s daughter) upon my Dutch grandfather’s request. However, the moment Wilhelmina truly clicked was when my husband pointed out that it was a family name for Vincent Van Gogh, who is one of my greatest loves in terms of art and human being…Willem was Vincent van Gogh’s middle name and Wilhelmina the name of his youngest sister.”

Winslet Juniper, sister of Maebry Willow

We didn’t intend to go with Winslet (our top choice before meeting her was a suggestion from one of you, Juno Violet), but she’s our Winnie and we can’t picture her as anything else.  We chose her middle name partly because we still love Juno and wanted to incorporate it in her name and partly because we liked how it matched our older daughter’s middle name.”


Arthur Robert, twin of Jasper Steven

Callan Joseph, nn Cal

Callan is a name we stumbled on about three days before.  It is Gaelic and not a name found in the top 500.  We loved the meaning of little warrior/battle…we knew it was his name when our other top names didn’t seem to suit him upon meeting him.”

Casper Julius Erik

Casper has been my top boy name for several years, and my husband liked it as well. We had been considering Julius for a first name, and when he was born in July we liked the idea of having it as one of his middle names. Casper means treasurer, and my heart melted a little when my husband called Casper our “July Treasure.”…My husband is Swedish, and Casper will grow up in Sweden and the US, so we wanted names that worked in both languages.”

Elliott George, brother of Jack

Jasper Steven, twin of Arthur Robert

Leo Caspian Grey, brother of Jasper Augustine Wolf

We chose Leo to honor my late Grandfather—a man who was kind, wise, and a veteran who fought in World War II…We struggled to find a middle name that we both loved and could agree on but in the end Caspian won over our hearts.  We love how it is uncommon, yet classic, feels adventurous and has some old-world charm.”

Lucian Thomas

He is half Korean (father) and German (mother). His Korean name is Seo-Joon.”

Matthew Fergus Bear, nn Matty Bear, brother of Cillian Wolf

Bear is a name that Mommy (a wildlife biologist working as a zoo keeper) loved and wanted to use before she was even expecting and it keeps the nature name theme.”

Russell Tanner, nn Russ, brother of Alexander Colby and Cormac Hayes

Walter Davis, nn Walt, brother of Vincent Harrison and Cecily Faye Patrice.

“He is named after a great grandfather and Walt Disney and his middle name is a family maiden name.”


Of these, which is your favorite name, favorite first-middle combo and sibset?

About the Author

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz

Linda Rosenkrantz is the co-founder of Nameberry, and co-author with Pamela Redmond of the ten baby naming books acknowledged to have revolutionized American baby naming. You can follow her personally at InstagramTwitter and Facebook. She is also the author of the highly acclaimed New York Review Books Classics novel Talk and a number of other books.