December Baby Announcements: From Arianne Sparrow to Zelda Louise

December Baby Announcements: From Arianne Sparrow to Zelda Louise

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Here we are with the last Babyberry Report of the year!

No multiples this month, but one name was used twice: Leo. Once again, several nature/word names found in middle place—Sparrow, Iris, Rose, Linnea—as well as some interesting moms’ maiden names—Francois, Tam and Buchanan.

We’re especially happy to include the December baby name announcements of two of our own Berry Juice contributors—Dantea’s Amelia Lorien Sophia and Josh (‘beardedberry’) Murray’s Zelda Louise.


Adeline Baker, sister of Jack and Hunter

We chose Adeline because we loved it but also because of the nickname Elle. Both of our mothers’ middle names start with the letter L. Baker is my DH’s grandmother’s maiden name. Her initials are ABC!”

Amelia Lorien Sophia, sister of Persephone Elysia Willow

Ariadna Esperanza, sister of Honora Mary Elizabeth

Arianne Sparrow, brother of Conrad Augustus and Emilia Kathleen

Sparrow might seem a little odd next to the classic Kathleen and Augustus, but we feel like it was the right choice for her. We have a little family tradition of giving our kids bird names as affectionate pet names before they are born…Emilia was Dove, Conrad was Jay and Arianne’s was Sparrow. And after a long debate about using it or not using it, we went with it. And it feels like the right choice.”

Carina Iris, sister of Viviana Rose

“The middle name Iris is rich in meaning for our family. Iris although both a color and a flower actually means rainbow. A rainbow baby is what you call a baby after a pregnancy loss and we lost our first little angel…so this is my subtle way of honoring her and naming her but still giving this baby her own identity…I love how our girls are tied to each other with floral middle names. I also love how Carina and Viviana mean life and love because life and love are exactly what my girls are to me.”

Cecelia Rose, (Cece), sister of Evelina Dolores (Evie)

“When we were trying to decide on the first name, Evie started calling her “Baby Cece” all on her own—and it stuck!”

Ella Marit, sister of Reina Charlotte

Evelina Story, sister of Adelaide Iria

Story is a reminder of how God has provided for us time and again throughout this difficult year. It’s been a “story” of his faithfulness—and we can’t wait to see how that continues in our daughter’s life!”

Hattie Linnea Margot

“The Name Sage suggested Hattie to us and I didn’t expect my husband to immediately like it, but he did and so did I! Linnea was the nature part I wanted to incorporate into her name, and it’s also after my mother Lynn. Margot is after DH’s mother, Margaret.”

Isla Ruth

“We liked Isla for a while and then liked it even more when we discovered her great-great-great aunt with the German spelling, Eila. Ruth is her great-great-grandma who would have been 100 this year.”

Lainey Flynn

Leona Jane

Leona was chosen as an honor name for her great-grandfather Leonard.”

Marjorie Althea, sister of Ada Clementine

Marjorie honors my mother, MaryAnne, and Althea was a name that we found on the “Names Searched Right Now” banner, and we really loved it. We love the Southern feeling that the girls have, and we call Marjorie either Marge or Rory.”

LoreleiRyan Frankie, sister of Liam Seth and Lyrik Avryll

Octavia Elina

“I chose the name Octavia, inspired in part by Octavia the Younger/Minor, the sister of the First Roman Emperor, Augustus. She was one of the most prominent women in Roman history and was respected and admired by contemporaries for her loyalty, nobility and humanity, and for maintaining traditional Roman feminine virtues.”

Vera Cordelia Pearl, sister of Maria Juliette Grace

Vivienne Grace, sister of Charlotte Lucy

Zelda Louise, sister of Silas Liles

“I mentioned Zelda to my wife a while back, but she wrote it off. Ultimately, however, she was the one who fell in love with the name and knew that it was the one for our little girl.”


Adam Benjamin, brother of Edward Graham and Isaac Nathaniel

Alexander Charles, brother of Tegan and Felicity

Asa Francois

Asa is a name my husband and I just love and somehow have loved since we were kids. It gives off a wonderful gentlemanly vibe, I think. A little bit Old World with cowboy. Francois is my surname.”

Ari Gardner

Ari is a name we simply loved, from the three-letter, two-syllable, ends in a vowel flow to the meaning Lion of God.”

Blaine Anton, brother of Gentry Robert

Caiden Noah, brother of Avia Hazel and Serena Juliette

Darwin Michael, brother of Lyra Rebecca

Declan Patrick, brother of Weston

“We decided to go with Declan because we liked the nickname option Decs/Dex and although I have heard rumours of it becoming more popular, it currently has a similar popularity rating to Weston’s name. His middle name Patrick is because our anniversary is on St. Patrick’s day and my FILs name is ‘Rick’ so it’s a not too obvious way to honor him without clearly leaving out my father by giving him one grandfathers’ name over the other one.”

Dexter Joseph, brother of Reuben Saul Cordelia Jane and Persephone Lily

Leo Elliot, brother of Charles Everett

Leo Buchanan, brother of Elizabeth Gray and Reid Emmerson

“All our kids have a family surname as their middle, in Leo’s case my very own maiden name.”

Marius Tam

“We needed a name that was pronounceable both in English and German, since the baby will be raised in both languages…I like the name Marius because it’s a strong international name and derived from Mars, or the month of March, when he was conceived…The middle name Tam is my last name.”

S**ébastien Presley**

“I am American and my husband is French. We chose S__ébastien with the en spelling to honor his French side but would be on trend in the US. We live in Los Angeles so we had to have some Hollywood rock and roll. Presley seemed to flow and we might use this name when he starts school.”

Theodore LaVecchia, brother of Stuart Anthony and Eben Charles

Wilfred Bertram Henry, brother of Mason Jay

William Crawford III (Liam)

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