The Craziest Baby Names in America

The Craziest Baby Names in America

It’s a strange honor to be among the craziest baby names of the year. These wild and wacky choices are truly unusual names. They push the boundaries of what could even be considered a baby name — Demon, really? — and make us want to get inside these parents’ heads.

To qualify, the names had to be listed in the Social Security Administration’s extended data, which lists all the names given to five or more babies of a single sex in a given year. Meaning that not just one, but multiple sets of parents chose these crazy baby names for their children in 2021.

Below, our picks for the craziest baby names in America right now.

Bad Boys

Tough guy (or rather, Tuff guy) names are the antidote to the soft, vowel-heavy boy names we’ve been seeing lately, and both sets are on the rise — albeit, among very different groups of parents.

The classics of this genre have paved the way for these newer, more aggressive options. Hunter transforms into Shooter, Gunner leads to Trigger, Maverick becomes Renegade.

These are the craziest bad boys to chart in 2021:

Cash Money

Names that reference money or wealth are one of the breakout mini-trends of the 2020s, with the debut of Currency and Kurrency on the charts, reemergence of Money, and rise of the -illion names.

The recent arrival of Nick Cannon’s son Zillion Heir — one of the craziest celebrity baby names of last year — will likely intensify this trend.

Vices and Sins

It’s generally wise to stay away from names with obvious negative connotations. You can get away with calling your child Beriah, meaning “in envy,” because its meaning is concealed, but to actually name them Envy? Now you’re pushing it.

In 2021, parents named their children after anti-virtues such as Envy and Vanity as well as their own vices — whether it be to gamble in Vegas or imbibe in Whiskey, Indica, or Sativa.


Everyone wants the best for their child, but these parents take it to another level. These not-so-subtle word names reveal parents’ greatest hopes and dreams for their children, whether it’s for them to be a Genius and Prodigy or Gorgeous and Majestic.

Aspirational names can be a lot to live up to — with these names, probably too much. And yet some of the names listed here could be future hits.

The class of aspirational word names is rising quickly with help from star power. Recent weird celebrity baby names in this category include Jessica Hart's Glorious Hart, Chris Brown's Lovely Symphani, and Ty Haney's Champie Arizona.

People and Characters

Typically, parents who choose to name their child after a famous figure — real or fictional — do so with the hope that the namesake will influence or inspire their child. And perhaps the parents who named their children Maleficent, Lucifer, and Corleone did want their sons and daughters to take away a certain message from their names, although we can’t imagine what that might be.

Positive namesakes are also included on this list — these unique celebrity names are so tied to a single person, it’s difficult to picture them on anyone else, such as DaVinci, Beyonce, and Rambo.

The Best (Craziest) of the Rest

These crazy baby names eschew the aforementioned categories but were too wild to leave out altogether. We have wacky new food names (Acai, Barley), animal names (Minnow, Rooster), names for STEM babies (Matrix, Khemistry), a natural disaster (Tsunami), and more.

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