Celebrity Baby Names: What’s your latest fave?

Celebrity Baby Names: What’s your latest fave?

The Question of the Week: What’s your favorite among recent celebrity baby names?

There’s been a plethora of interesting celebaby first and middle name choices recently.  Which one do you like best—and why?

Which one(s) do you REALLY not like?

Would you use any of them for your child?

Would you NOT use one because of all the buzz it has gotten?

OK, so what’s your favorite of these?

  • Agnes

  • Aleph

  • Arabella

  • Arthur

  • Athena

  • Bingham (called Bing)

  • Haven

  • Indiana (girl)

  • Juna

  • Kase

  • Lark

  • Magnolia

  • Maxine (shown with dad Nick Hexum)

  • Penelope

  • Saint

  • Sky

  • or some other?

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    Linda Rosenkrantz

    Linda Rosenkrantz

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