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Gender: M Meaning of Bing: "kettle-shaped hollow" Origin of Bing: German

When Kate Hudson named her second son Bingham and announced that she would be calling him Bing, it put this zingy nickname name out on the table. Before that, there was only one, further nicknamed Der Bingle -- and he was really Harry Lillis Crosby.

And nowadays it's also a Microsoft search engine--but in any case, Bing has a lot of zing.

Famous People Named Bing

Bing Crosby, singer
Bing Russell, father of Kurt Russell; both actors
Bingham "Bing" Bellamy, son of Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson

Pop Culture References for the name Bing

Chandler Bing, character on the TV show "Friends"
Bing Lee, character in the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries"
Bing, Internet search engine
Bing Bong, character from the movie Inside Out
Bing Bunny, character from the animated series 'Bing'