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Gender: Male Meaning of Saint: "saint" Origin of Saint: Word name

The name Saint is a boy's name meaning "saint". Saint and is often added to lists like Attitude Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Name Association Game".

From the experts:

Saint as a descriptive word name was first chosen by rocker Pete Wentz for his younger son (baby brother is Bronx), and now Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have catapulted the name into the celebrity stratosphere by choosing it for their baby boy. The couple called their baby "Saint" throughout the pregnancy because his conception had been so difficult. Saint was named in our predictions for the top baby name trends of 2015, on descriptive word names which also include Royal and Noble, King and Rogue. Saint is moving beyond the group of names that are only celebrity baby names and into the general lexicon.

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Famous People Named Saint

Saint Laszlo Wentz (b. 2014), son of musician Pete Wentz
Saint West (b. 2015), son of rapper Kanye West and TV personality Kim Kardashian
Saint Julian Rembert Ravenel (b. 2017), son of TV personalities Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel of "Southern Charm"
Arthur Saint Bleick (b. 2011), son of actress Selma Blair
Balthazar Saint Tillman (b. 2011), son of NFL player Travares Tillman
Ophelia Saint Grohl (b. 2014), daughter of musician Dave Grohl
Kingston Saint Greer (b. 2017), son of actress Katy Mixon and athlete Breaux Greer
Elektra Saint Greer (b. 2018), daughter of Katy Mixon and Breaux Greer

Pop Culture References for the name Saint

Saint Laurent Paris, (formerly Yves Saint Laurent) the brand of designer Yves Saint Laurent
"Saint Stephen," song by the Grateful Dead


Josie1497 Says:


Not really. In order to be made a saint one has to have performed a miracle. Thus, parents who feel that the child’s birth is a miracle use Saint as a tribute. Not my cup of tea, but I understand the thought process.

stella2007 Says:


It is definitely a silly reason.

stella2007 Says:


I love the name Saint. But I honestly think Kim Kardashian named her son Saint because of designer brand Saint Laurent, nothing less nothing more. A difficult pregnancy and Saint have nothing to do with each other.

Miri Says:


Yup! St. Saint!

indiefendi2 Says:


I feel like people naming their kids Saint because "it was a difficult pregnancy" or whatever have NO idea what a saint really is. it makes them sound stupid to me.

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I've seen people use the likes of St. Michael and St. Thomas as middle names for boys on occasion. In that form, and used to honour a parent's or family's religious orientation, I believe it is wholly acceptable. But Saint by itself? I think that's inappropriate on a number of levels, the primary two being that it's outrageously pretentious, and because it is now irrevocably linked to the Kartrashians.

Jazzy7 Says:


I would use Saint as a middle name to honor my caribbean culture. Part of my roots are from St. Thomas so I think it would be really cool/edgy to use Saint. It is a cute middle name, I wouldn't like it as a first name.

iipostmvh Says:


I don't think you'd have much to worry about. This is a name that I (emphasis on I, as in only my opinion) would put in the controversial category. I can't imagine it would get very popular, but one never knows ;-)

Michaela Says:



cabosanmucus Says:


This evil witch took my favorite name! Now it's ruined! 😫

clairelaliberte Says:


But if he became a saint...St. Saint...