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by Sophie Kihm

The most exciting celebrity baby news of the past few weeks has undoubtedly been that of the birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s little prince. Archie Harrison does not have any family names, but his middle name honors Dad—Harrison literally means Harry’s son.

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by Abby Sandel

When the new US popularity data comes out, we all look for certain things. Are we still naming our babies for Game of Thrones characters? (Most certainly yes.) How about the royal family? (Meghan, I’m looking at you.)

But there’s a quieter trend to watch, something that happens in the 1910s and the 1950s, and one that we still see today: classic baby names cycle in – and out – of fashion.

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Popular names: Nameberry vs US

by Sophie Kihm

The top names of 2018 were recently released, reflecting the names parents chose for their children born last year. At Nameberry we compile our own Top 1000 based on the most popular names on the website. It’s updated every month, so it’s a year and a half ahead of the US Top 1000. And since the Nameberry Top 1000 is determined by views, not by babies who receive the names, it looks fairly different from the US Top 1000. Let’s compare!

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The New Top 10 Contest Winner

Congratulations to our Berry Amy, known in the comments as Orchid_Lover, who won our “Guess the New Top 10” contest!

Amy’s predictions for the Top 10 baby names of 2018 were as follows:

1.     Emma Noah
2.     Olivia Liam
3.     Ava William
4.     Sophia Oliver
5.     Isabella Benjamin
6.     Charlotte Elijah
7.     Mia James
8.     Amelia Lucas
9.     Evelyn Mason
10.  Harper Logan


The actual list is:

1.     Emma Liam
2.     Olivia Noah
3.     Ava William
4.     Isabella James
5.     Sophia Oliver
6.     Charlotte Benjamin
7.     Mia Elijah
8.     Amelia Lucas
9.     Harper Mason
10.  Evelyn Logan


Amy correctly predicted that Harper and Lucas would join the Top 10, replacing Abigail and Jacob.

Her girls’ list was pretty much spot-on, with only Sophia and Isabella and Evelyn and Harper flipped.

On the boys’ side she had William, Lucas, Mason, and Logan correctly placed, and was very close in predicting Oliver’s relatively large rise.

An honorable mention goes to Chiara12, who also had all the right names in her top 10.

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Old Man Names: What’s next?

by Sophie Kihm

Old man names are a perennially popular category among parents. There’s something so adorable about the juxtaposition of a fresh-faced baby boy and a vintage—perhaps even slightly dusty—baby name.

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