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What Uncommon Names Do You Hear a Lot?

For me, it’s Huxley.

At #556 in England & Wales last year, and me being British, you’d think I’d be lucky to meet a single Huxley. And yet, it seems like every time I’m out with my kids, we meet yet another little one with the name. Ditto Rafferty (#278), Annabella (#348) and Sylvie (#386).

We’ve written about regional name popularity before, and our annual look at each state’s quirky favorite baby names is always popular — and draws some illuminating explanations!

But today we’re asking for those baby names that seem super-specific to your individual neighborhood or social circle; names that the stats say you should never (or almost never) hear, but you do.

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Baby Names 2019

Baby names 2019 promise to be a fascinating crop, with all the newly-expectant parents (December is the month in which the largest number of people get pregnant!) thinking about what they’re going to name their babies in the year ahead.

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2019 Celebrity Baby Name Predictions

By Sophie Kihm

The new year brought with it a barrage of celebrity pregnancy announcements. We’re starting off 2019 strong with A-listers like Gordon Ramsay and Kobe Bryant adding little ones to their (already large) families. Other notables like Andy Cohen and Katy Tur are each going to welcome their first child this year. And of course, what is going to be one of the most hotly anticipated baby names 2019, the Kardashian West baby. Yes, North, Saint, and Chicago are getting another sibling, and he or she is going to have an unconventional name to match. So start placing your bets now (and maybe take out your dictionary), because we’ve got an eventful year ahead of us.

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Middle Names 2019

middle names 2019

by Sophie Kihm

As we turn our attention to baby names 2019, we find that modern millennial parents are transforming middle names for this year and beyond. It’s almost imperative today that a baby’s middle name be meaningful—whether it honors a relative, relates to a parent’s passion, or reflects an important family value.

But middle names today should also be fun. Parents are taking advantage of the fact that middle names are seldom used in everyday life, and giving their children quirky, unexpected middles that may be deemed a bit too bold to be first names.

Within these two criteria, some trends have emerged. Here are the top ten new directions for middle names 2019.

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British Baby Name Trends of 2019

By Eleanor Nickerson

Happy New Year!  As we move into the last year of the decade, here is a review of the most prevalent trends influencing Britain’s baby names 2019.

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