Survey Reveals the Naughtiest Names

November 19, 2019 Pamela Redmond
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Parents who name their babies Rowdy or Rebel are only asking for trouble, but what’s wrong with naming them Jack or Mia?

Those are the two naughtiest names, according to two British companies, Censuswide and My Nametags, who surveyed 1500 teachers, parents, and children to find out which names are most often attached to the naughtiest kids.

Along with Jack at the head of the naughty list, boy names seen as the naughtiest were Harry, Oliver, Charlie, and George. Three of the five names, it must be pointed out, are those of high-ranking members of the Royal Family: two future kings and a prince.

Along with Mia as the naughtiest girl, other naughty girl names include Ella, Isabella, Sophia, and Amelia. The Queen has a great-granddaughter named Mia.

Arthur and Isla top the Nice List, according to the survey. Other well-behaved girl names are Ava, Grace, Olivia, and Emily, while the nicest boys are Noah, Oscar, Muhammed, and Leo.

All of those names sound pretty nice to us, to be honest. We’d be surprised if Olivers, in general, were any wilder than Olivias, or if Ella was a bigger trouble-maker than Leo.

It’s a different story when you consider the list of mischievous first names getting more popular all the time in the US. We frankly have no idea why any parent would give their child one of these names — and if you’ve done so, please enlighten us — but the number of rabble-rousing names and of children getting them keep increasing.

Here are our nominees for the Naughty List:

What names do you think are the naughtiest and nicest?

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