Baby Names 2011: Hottest Trends to Track Now

Want the hottest baby name trends for 2012? Check out our baby names 2012 story.

Baby names 2011 signal a new lighter feel in the air and more optimistic outlook for our offspring.   Here, our predictions for the top trends for baby names 2011.

Biggest Big Picture Trend: Two-for-one names

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For baby names 2011, we predict the emergence of two-for-one names: very proper proper names – think Louise and Arthur, Beatrix and Abraham – with lighter-than-air, even silly nicknames: Lulu, Bee, Bunny, and Bram. From the parents’ perspective, they get two very different names for the price of one, which can be an advantage to children as they grow up too: You can be Lulu at the nightclub, Louise on the Harvard app.

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