100 Gorgeous Girl Names in Translation

How to romance a name

By Linda Rosenkrantz

Why would you choose a baby name from another culture? There are several good reasons. First of all, there is the sheer beauty of so many of them. Then there is the honor factor. Say you have a beloved grandmother named Barbara you want to pay tribute to, but you can’t quite see yourself as a parent of a baby Barbara. Then how about the more vibrant Russian version, Varvara?

Or maybe there’s a name you love but find too common or popular or plain? There are countless lovely foreign variations of Elizabeth and Margaret and Katherine that are still substantive but more distinctive.

So here’s a start on the almost endless possibilities for romancing a name.

  1. AilisAlice in Irish—AY-leesh
  2. AlejandraAlexandra in Spanish—al-le-KHAHN-dra
  3. AlessandraAlexandra in Italian
  4. AlizAlice in Hungarian—ah-LEEZ
  5. AmelieFrench for Amelia
  6. AnaisProvincial French/Catalan form of Annaa-na-EES
  7. AnakelaHawaiian for Angela
  8. Aniela–Polish form of Angela
  9. AnikaA Czech, German, Dutch and Danish form of AnnAH-nee-ka
  10. AnoukDutch and French diminutive of Anna
  11. Aziliz—Breton form of Ceciliaah-ZEE-leez
  12. Barabala Scottish form of Barbara
  13. Barbo—Swedish for Barbara
  14. Beatriz—Spanish for Beatrice
  15. BertilleFrench for Berta
  16. BethanWelsh diminutive of Elizabeth
  17. BiancaItalian for Blanche
  18. Britta Swedish form of Bridget
  19. CatalinaSpanish form of Catherine
  20. CatrionaGaelic form of Catherineka-TREE-na
  21. CharlottaSwedish variant of Charlotte
  22. ChiaraClaire in Italian
  23. CinziaItalian for CynthiaCHIN-zee-a
  24. Devorah Hebrew form of Deborah
  25. EabhaIrish form of EvaAy-va
  26. EilisIrish Gaelic form of Elizabeth and/or AliceAY-leesh
  27. EleniGreek for Helen
  28. EdwigeFrench for Hedwig
  29. ElisabettaItalian for Elizabeth
  30. ElishevaHebrew for Elizabeth
  31. Elspeth—Scottish form of Elizabeth
  32. EnricaItalian for Henrietta
  33. EsperanzaSpanish for Hope
  34. FeSpanish form of FaithFay
  35. Fiorenza, FiorellaItalian for Florence
  36. FlorisDutch form of Florence
  37. Francesca—Italian for Frances
  38. GiadaJade in Italian—JAH-da
  39. GioiaItalian for Joy
  40. GinevraItalian form of Guinevere/Genevieve, also the city of Geneva
  41. Gladez—Welsh variation of Gladys
  42. Grazia, GraziellaItalian for Grace
  43. IlariaSpanish for Hillary
  44. IleanaHungarian for Helen
  45. Ines, Inez, YnezSpanish, Portuguese for Agnes
  46. IrinaRussian for Irene
  47. IsabeauIsabel in French
  48. IshbelScottish variation of Isobel
  49. Jacinda—Greek for Hyacinth
  50. Jelica—Serbian diminutive of Helen
  51. JovanaSerbian form of Jean
  52. KaleaHawaiian form of Claire
  53. Kalola—Hawaiian form of Carol
  54. KelynCornish for Holly
  55. KianaHawaiian for Diana
  56. Kikilia—Cecilia in Hawaiian
  57. KlementinaRussian form of Clementine
  58. LeniGerman diminutive of Helene or Magdalena
  59. LiliaSpanish and Hawaiian for Lily
  60. LiliasScottish version of Lillian
  61. LloraCatalan form of Laura
  62. Lujza–Hungarian for Louisaloo-EE-zha
  63. LydieFrench for Lydia
  64. MagdalenaMadeline in Polish, German, Dutch, Swedish and more
  65. MaiScandinavian pet form of MariaMI
  66. MaireIrish form of Mary
  67. MaliaHawaiian form of Mary
  68. ManonFrench pet form of Marie
  69. MaredWelsh form of Margaret
  70. MargitHungarian and Scandinavian form of Margaret
  71. MariskaCzech form of Mary
  72. MarjaDutch and Finnish form of MariaMAHR-ya
  73. MaryaRussian variant of Maria; Cornish for Mary
  74. MoiraScottish form of Mary
  75. MornaScottish version of Myrna
  76. NanouDutch and French derivative of Anne
  77. Noemi Italian, Spanish, German and Czech form of Naomi
  78. OnaLithuanian for Hannah
  79. OnoraIrish Gaelic for Honor
  80. OttaviaItalian for Octavia
  81. Paola, Italian for Paula
  82. PatriziaItalian for Patricia
  83. Phyllida, old English form of Phyllis
  84. Raina–Polish and Czech form of Regina
  85. Roisin—Irish form of Rosero-SHEEN
  86. RozaPolish and Russian form of Rose
  87. SandrineFrench for Sandra
  88. SannaScandinavian short form of Susannah, used independently
  89. ShoshanaHebrew form of Susanna, also means lily and rose
  90. SianWelsh form of Jean, JeanSHAN
  91. SineadIrish form of Janeshin-AID
  92. Siobhananother Irish form of Jane shi-VAWN
  93. TamsinBritish contracted form of Thomasina
  94. VarvaraRussian for Barbara
  95. VeronaCzech form of Veronica, in addition to being the Italian city name
  96. Veronique French form of Veronica
  97. VikaPolynesian form of Victoria
  98. ZabelArmenian form of Isabel
  99. ZofiaCzech, Polish and Ukranian forms of Sofia
  100. Zuzana, Zuzanna—Polish, Czech for Susannah

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leighmiller Says:

July 8th, 2016 at 12:34 pm

I’ve never heard Onora before. It’s lovely!

teacupsandtiaras Says:

July 8th, 2016 at 1:56 pm

I love this. I really hope we get to see a guys’ list too!

cmariac Says:

July 8th, 2016 at 9:56 pm

love Aliz and a lot of others on this list! Glad that pronunciations were included as well

mother_dragons Says:

July 9th, 2016 at 8:27 am

Amazing post! Please one of these for boys names.
Two little corrections: Alejandra is said al-le-HAN-dra. “Han” with a sound similar to that in house
Fe is said FEH. A short, abrupt sound like the first e in elephant

JulesBerry Says:

July 9th, 2016 at 10:45 pm

So great. I agree with others, please do one for boys!!

lalala__lauren Says:

July 16th, 2016 at 2:58 pm

I know someone whose family is Serbian named Jelica! It’s pronounced yell-SAH.

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