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Gender: M Pronunciation: ZY-on; TZEE-on Meaning of Zion: "highest point" Origin of Zion: Hebrew Zion's Popularity in 2016: #212

Zion has taken off in recent years, especially after singer Lauryn Hill used it for her son in 1997. It combines a user-friendly Ryan-Brian sound with the gravitas of religious significance. The Hebrew pronunciation is 'tziyon'.

In the Old Testament, the name Zion frequently refers to the city of Jerusalem as a whole, and came to be symbolic of Jewish national aspirations, and thus was the source of the term Zionism.

Basketball star Dwayne Wade and model Isabel Fontana also named their sons Zion, and reality star Fantasia Barrino bestowed it on her daughter.

Famous People Named Zion

Zion Malachi Airamis Wade, son of Dwyane Wade

Pop Culture References for the name Zion

The beautiful town of Zion in Illinois.