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Gender: Female Origin of Zinnia: Flower name

The name Zinnia is a girl's name of German, Latin origin. Zinnia and is often added to lists like Gorgeous Flower Names for Babies and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Zinnia is an unusual floral choice with a bit more edge and energy than most and beginning to find its way onto namers' wish lists of botanical possibilities. Named after an eighteenth German botanist called Johann Gottfried Zinn, it appears in Roald Dahl's Matilda as the young protagonist's mother.

In the language of flowers, Zinnias symbolize remembrance.

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Famous People Named Zinnia

Zinnia Jones, American activist
Zinnia Rosemary Denison, English equestrienne; daughter of Hugo Denison, 4th and last Earl of Londesborough

Pop Culture References for the name Zinnia

Zinnia "Zinny" Taylor, main character in "Chasing Redbird" by Sharon Creech
Zinnia Wormwood, Matilda's mother in book/film "Matilda"
Zinnia, character in video games Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Aunt Zinnia Bellflower, rabbit character in the Beechwood Bunny Tales by Geneviève Huriet and animated TV series "Bellflower Bunnies"
Zinnia, zebra character on French animated series "Zou"
Zinnia Huit, character in series "The Sisters Eight" by the Baratz-Logsted family

Zinya, Zinia, Zinnya


Daiseymae Says:


I think it is really pretty!

Emma Green Says:


We called our daughter Zinnia this year. We feel it’s a beautiful, zesty name... a little unusual, but not too ‘out there’. People do confuse it with Zena / Xena, but we’re happy to explain its floral meaning. Mostly the response is “how pretty” or “I’ve never heard that, but it’s lovely”.

Piteco Says:


Zinnia is in my top 3 of girl's favorite names. It's floral and starts with Z. What more could I ask for? It's just perfect.

scblovesnames Says:


This name is just what I was looking for in terms of style, and I think it meshes well with my other top choices of Lilly and Sylvia. And I didn't even realize I commented on this name 3 years ago. I had totally forgotten all about Zinnia. I'm not forgetting it now. Too much coincidence.

elephanza Says:


One of my favorite names at the moment. I love plant and flower names and "Z" names so this is a top pick for me :)

elephanza Says:


One of my favorite names ever! I love Z names and flower names :D

danirose01 Says:


I had a dream I named my daughter Zinnia and everyone called her Zee.

Lizzy Lou Says:


I actually have a coworker named Zinnia. I love her name. We talked about names once when our coworker had a baby and she said you'd be surprised, but she never got negative comments on her name. It's a rare name but not really "out there" because of the way it's pronounced. It kinda falls in the Lydia camp. She does get the occasional "oh that's a pretty name" comment.

Skittlewiddles Says:


I really love this name but my sister thinks its so out-there. Its just so zesty, feminine, quirky, strong and filled with energy! I wonder if anyone out there knows how wearable this name is?

maibritt Says:


A very interesting name that makes me think of somebody strong. While the pronuntiation seems clear, I guess there could be problems with the spelling. I for example think that it sounds a lot like the name Sinja.

headintheclouds Says:


I don't really like Zinnia- I think it's the abrupt Zin- sound at the beginning- but I can see the appeal of it as an unusual Z-initial floral/nature girl's name that sounds zingy (ha) and lively + feminine.

DaisyMaisie Says:



scblovesnames Says:


Ooh I just love it!

fuzzycub Says:


Pretty; cute nickname Zinnie.

lesliemarion Says:


Yes, edge and energy. Zinnias are bold and lively summer flowers of zest, if a bit stiff. The name isn't stiff though because of the lovely -ia ending.