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Gender: F

Russian variation of June.

Famous People Named Yuna

Yuna, 6th-century Breton saint, sister of St Gwenvael

Yuna Kim "Queen Yuna", South Korean figure skater, 2010 Vancouver Olympics Gold Medalist. Her name is not a variation of June, but a combination of the two characters Yeon and Ah. Westerners sometimes spell it "Yu-na", but "Yun-a" would be more accurate to her Korean name. Her name is actually pronounced Yawn-ah, not Yoo-na.

Yuna, stage name of Malaysian singer, songwriter, and businesswoman Yunalis Mat Zara'ai

Pop Culture References for the name Yuna

Yuna is a main character from Final Fantasy X. In this case, it is the romanization of the Japanese word yuna, the name of the sea hibiscus.
Yuna, sixth-century Breton saint who was supposedly from Wales and settled in Brittany with her brother, another saint named Gwenvael. It's probably a Breton form of Úna.
Currently popular in France and the Netherlands.
Yuna Hina, character from the video game "Yandere Simulator"