Chinese dynastic name
"hospitable, welcoming"

Xia Origin and Meaning

The name Xia is a girl's name of Chinese origin.

This name of the first recorded dynasty of ancient China is short and simple enough to make a possible Asian-American alternative to Mia and Tia. British-Filipino child star Xia Vigor has invigorated the name in the Philippines.

Xia Popularity

Famous People Named Xia

  • Xia JiChinese queen, wife of King Xiaowen of Qin
  • Xia Shum (b. 2019)daughter of American actor Harry Shum Jr. and Filipino,American actress Shelby Rabara

Xia in Pop Culture

  • Xiaplace name in the Bionicle series
  • the X is pronounced as a soft Sh and the IA is a blended sound: "shya"